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Para EQ + G String in Recto loop


I have a 3 Ch Dual Recto, G String Decimator, Empress Para EQ w/boost, Flashback X4 delay, Maxon OD9 Pro+, Wahzoo Wah, tuner and a Fuzz War. My question surrounds placement of my Para EQ and the G String in the FX loop. The Decimator G String is supposed to be used in conjunction with the loop apparently. I used to have it set up like the diagram at top right of the manual, but that doesn't make use of the FX loop so I thought maybe I should change the layout to make the most of the G String’s capabilities.

I recently read this thread and in it saw what looked like a good layout diagram (see 7th post for diagram);

This post suggested putting the EQ and delay in the loop (making use of the G String's FX loop functionality) and setting the mix to 100% (as the DR's loop is parallel not serial) This didn't work at first. I was getting some horrific noises out of the amp before I quickly turned my guitar volume to 0.

Then through a process of elimination I realized it was the Para EQ being in the loop that was causing the problems, so I took it out of the loop and put it out front, leaving the delay and G String in the loop. This all worked OK but I missed the effect the EQ had while in the loop. When in loop it had very significant effects on the tone. This was a good thing. I was getting some great tones, very extreme and varied. Way more effect on tone when in the loop as opposed to when it was out front.

However I had to be VERY careful when the EQ was in the loop. I had to set the EQ's input pad to -12dB and keep its boost setting at 10dB or below. Once the boost was over 15dB horrible feedback and squealing occurred. Anything over 20dB and the amp sounded like it was going to die, making all sorts of squealing, thumping and stuttering tones. I turned the EQ's boost back down immediately. Changing the EQ's input pad level had a similar effect. When switched from -12dB to 0dB the amp freaked out again.

So I thought maybe having the EQ in the loop could damage the amp, even with the boost down low and the input pad maximized. I don't need the boost when the EQ is in the loop but wonder if damage can still occur even when the boost is at 0. Have I already damaged the amp? Could prolonged use of the EQ in the loop damage the amp, even with boost and input pad settings set to avoid the amp freaking?

Maybe the fact that certain frequencies are boosted in the loop can cause damage even though it all sounds OK? I noticed that when I boosted high frequencies (not using the boost control), the amp again began to sound very sick and cried out in pain. I am not a technical person but my guess is that the boost to the signal carried out by the EQ is something the loop can't handle, to some extent anyway.

I then took the EQ out of the loop and put it back out front. I could then max out the EQ’s boost even when chained with the OD9 on maximum boost. Input pad setting could also be anywhere. However the EQ was no longer having the massive effect on tone that was so much fun when I had it in the loop. It still changed the tone a lot when out front, just nowhere near as radically.

Should I leave this EQ in the loop or take it out and leave it out front? I don't want to bust my amp.
Here is the manual for the EQ (note mine is an older model and has no boost on/off switch, you just turn the knob manually);

Maybe I should revert to having the G String completely out front, covering all my pedals except delay like I had it before (top right of manual, no loop involvement) and put the delay in the loop by itself? However maybe the G String is “working better” when in the loop with the delay?


Recto loop is AWFUL. Ugh.

I tried to read this but honestly couldn't make it through. Recto loop has a send level: did you try dialing that back?


Thanks for the response and attempt to read through all that ;) Here's an edited version. I realize it is hard reading. You should feel the headache this has given me. However I am progressing.

I put an EQ with boost in a Recto loop and my rig squealed and grunted like a stuck pig until I turned the EQ's boost down to 0 and set its input pad to -12dB. Did this damage the amp?

After rescuing the situation in a panic, I then found that having the EQ in the loop made for great tones. It had way more effect on tone than when I had it out front, especially at higher gain amp settings. However I'm worried leaving the EQ in the loop might be slowly damaging the amp, even with the EQ's boost turned way down as it will always boost some frequencies. I found that when I added gain to higher frequencies it started to squeal again.

I had send at around 12. I will experiment with that setting further.
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