Parker P-Series Anyone?

i have a couple. P-32 (HSS), and a P-30 (SSS).

these guitars are light weight. the necks are really comfortable. the stock tuners are decent. the electronics are okay. fairly quiet, but i don't know if they are gonna take years of movement.

the pickups aren't bad. very articulate, but not nearly full sounding.

because the body of the guitar is light, the pickups suffer. i put some GFS Premium Alnicos in the SSS guitar and that cured alot of the sonic issues. these guitars are in line with a MIM Strat.

the upper bout is not really an issue. i suppose the upper bout could bother some, but how much does someone sit down to play?
it doesn't bother me at all.


Thanks. Is the bucker thin sounding too, or were you only referring to the singles?

Also, how are the trem units?
the 'bucker is decent. not agressive, but rather a vintage tone. the thin sound is due to the body, not the pickups. i have put the Parker stock pickups in another strat and they are nice enough. the GFS pickups are pretty beefy sounding and sound great in the Parker.
the Parker Humbucker is the best sounding pickup on the guitar. they really make nice humbucker pickups. single coils are not a Parker thing.

the trem is fairly smooth, but with the non locking tuners, the guitar will go out of tune quickly. i just lock the trem down and ignore it.
it is not really useable for diving or even medium use.


I had one of the Hornet types. I cant remember the daggone number! But that thing was a beast! Its sound was incredible! I think those guitars are certainly worth the low price they ask. Mine was a single cut so I didnt experience any rib pokes. The neck was unreal. The action was low the thing played like buttah. Makes me wish I never sold it and makes me want to buy a real Parker soon.


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I had a really nice P-44 that had a bad ding on the top. I sanded the top back and refinished it clear - the two tone mahogany looked great. These are great guitars - I like these better than the USA Parkers. The maple/ebony neck feels more organic to me than the composite necks on the USA models and yes I've owned both. It's for sale again for $350 shipped if anyone is interested LMK and I'll put you in touch with the seller - here are a couple of pics:




I used to have a p 32 (i think) and my biggest complaint was the thin neck profile. The quality was good and i bought it at a good price but the neck just was too darn thin


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Had a P-38 (got hooked on Niteflys since) -i is a very nice guitar- it was improved with Fender 57/62's in place of the singles. The humbucker is pretty good. The P-38 (discontinued) is a fast, spunky, very playable guitar with Wilkinson trem & Fishman piezo saddles. Real nice fret work.


I own a P44. This is a really great guitar. I even like the Pickups. The bridge one can cut through and the neck is sounding warm and full. I see no need to change them. The only weak point is the Switches. One of them is a bit loose, but no big problem. I really like the feeling of the neck.


I picked up a PM-20 last year. It was a good bang for the buck. The pickups are pretty solid. Its very versatile with the split PU's.



I purchased a transparent red P44 new about 2 years ago from a dealer. Its a great gtr. While I wouldnt say its my best gtr, I recently just played 2 gigs this past week using this gtr and it does most everything well.

Excellent playability with low almost too low action and no fret rattle. I use 9-42's on this gtr.

The wood quality is excellent. Nice deep black flawless ebony finger board w/jumbo frets and a maple neck. Very slight finish on the back of the neck. Compound radius. Not too wide. Grover non-locking mini tuners work real well. My gtr has a small amount of fret sprout. No big deal. The nut was perfectly cut.

Mine has a 2 piece mahogany body. I have seen some with a 3 piece body especially the natural finish ones. Super high quality poly finish.

The stock Parker Stinger humbuckers are very nice. Kind of a bigger louder P90ish tone. I dont use the coil split very much as I lose too much volume. I love the neck p/up. The bridge pickup is ok but Im thinking about something with a little bit more output. At first I thought that the pots and the output jack might be a problem but they're great. Its my only gtr that doesn't lose highs when you turn down the volume. Ive had no problems with the switches.

The piezo system is so-so. Its a little weak. I have a much better piezo system in one of my other gtrs. In fact the D string piezo is half the volume of the rest. Parker did send me 2 replacement saddles free of charge but I havent had time to install the new saddle. I always have the piezos on and just raise the volume to enhance the humbuckers.

The trem is garbage. I dont use it at all. Without locking tuners, I wouldnt waste my time using it. Mine is flush to the top of the body and blocked. Otherwise the bridge is a nicely machined part. The saddles are fully adjustable for intonation and individual height.

The gig bag the gtr comes with is outstanding. Easily worth $100.00 by itself.

This is one of the best ergonomic gtrs you can play. No problems with the upper bout. That only seems to be an issue on the USA made Fly gtrs because of the way they are sculpted. It balances perfectly and unlike a Fly you can install strap locks!!

I paid $699.00 new for this gtr. All in all it was money well spent for a real nice gtr but frankly if you can find a newer used one for between $450 to $550.00 Id go for that. You may decide to swap pickups and tuners and used will help defray the cost. Also, if you spend $700.00 for the gtr plus the cost of upgrades, you can easily buy a used Parker Nitefly that already has all of the upgrades plus has the carbon fiber neck and a much much better trem and piezo system.

Dave Wakely

Any experience on replacing pick-ups in a P38. I've had it a few years, and it's a lovely guitar to play - the neck is exceptional, especially for the price - but the single coils in particular are a bit characterless. Will any old standard Strat-style single coil fit, and is wiring any more complex that might normally be expected?

It's a nice guitar I'd like to use more - particularly as the 'piezo blend' option is such a winner.

(Secondary question: is it possible to turn the piezo volume into a stacked knob that gives me piezo tone control too?)

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