Pat Martino health concerns

Mike Ford

In 2015 I underwent surgery for a subdural hematoma which resulted in me having to relearn how to play. I contacted Pat through his agent and he was kind enough to meet with me for an afternoon when he was in town to discuss recovering from a brain injury. A nicer person I have yet to meet, not to mention his inspirational performance skills.



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It's just heartbreaking that legendary world class musical artists like Mr. Martino (and Holdsworth) are not financially secure enough to live their lives like any normal person would expect.
Just sad.


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The first time I saw Pat was in 1977, touring the "Joyous Lake" album.

The second time he did a clinic not long after his surgery: he could hardly play and was not making a lot of sense verbally. We didn't know what he had just gone through, and were pissed off at spending the money.

After his comeback he did a free clinic before a show. I had a chance to visit with him, and as others have said, he was incredibly nice.

A few years back a friend and I saw him at The Iridium in NYC. We walked into the club and Pat was at the friend was awestruck at meeting Pat, who showed a lot of interest in what we were up to.

It's just incredible how Pat came back playing better than ever. I hope he can pull through this.



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In music school I acquired a copy of an unpublished book Pat wrote that is similar in style to some of his published books. It was typed and had a message in the shape of a triangle as the cover. I also had a solo guitar recording of free improvising that he did. It had a version of Where Love's A Grown Up God with him overdubbing other guitars. Have any of you Martinophile's heard that recording or read that book? Not sure how widely distributed they are, but the material was wild.


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Thanks for the video posting. I appreciate his talent and I enjoyed both he and his wife in the vid. After visiting his website....we should all donate as he is man enough to play 15's and 16's on his high E strings.

I hope he is able to live comfortably into the future, as he has endured a lot.


No idea he was in Bad shape. He's local and I know a few guys who know him and many know of and respect him. Be nice to see a local benefit.

Jon C

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So sorry, I’ve seen him several times recently (Feb. 2018 last), last must be just before this. Donation on the way.
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