Pat Travers (Boom Boom, Out Go The Lights live)


We were going to see him in 1976(I think?) at the Swing auditorium (San Bernardino, CA) and he was doing an appearance at the local music (Lier's Music) store mid day before the show. SO we head on down. Of course he's an hour late and only shows up with his bass player. So he asks "Any drummers in the house". Everyone in the room shot up an arm. He follows up with "OK, we need a 'good' drummer, not a hack" They picked some kid out of the crowd and did Boom, Boom and killed it. Man, that kid must have been flying that day. What a treat.

I told this story to Pat when I met him 20 years later and he remembered the whole thing, said his drummer was totally hung over and could not get him out of bed to go to the event.


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Amazing guitar player! Heard serveral of his tunes over the years on local radio all of the time.


Is it me or can this guy just rock on the guitar? I just love Boom Boom but, he's got a whole lot more
than that (a lot I haven't listened to yet). That said - I think Pat is a smoking rock player. Thoughts?
It's not just you. I first saw Travers in the mid 70s - he was opening for Cheap Trick!
Anyways it was the original core band - Travers, Thrall, Mars Cowling and Tommy Aldridge.

To my young ears and eyes - Travers was completely on fire. I kept thinking that
the guitar was part of him. Boom Boom was played of course - but the song that
just brought the house down...Makes No Difference. They rocked it so hard that
the venue became petrified.

I also saw him over in England in the 80s - got to go backstage too! I was a little
shocked at how hammered Travers was - and this was before he went on stage.
My impression was that Aldridge and Thrall were pissed off about Travers state.
But what was mind blowing was that as soon as he stepped out on stage, Travers
looked to be in total control. I have no idea how - but he just rocked it again -
until the end of the set - then I think he crafted his buzz wrong. Travers lost his
mojo - and played Boom Boom like a 3rd grader. I talked to one of the crew
backstage - and he reiterated that this was indicative of the whole tour.

Anywho...I saw Travers again in the 90s at a 400 or 500 person small club in San Diego.
I think Cowlings was playing with him - but I didn't recognize the drummer or second
guitarist. Travers was as good as ever - the other two guys- well...they were okay - but they
were not anything like Aldridge and Thrall - and that rockin' edge Travers band had in
the 70s was no where to be seen.

Mickey Shane

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I saw him in a club in Waco, TX in '94. I was impressed! They were very loud in there, but not deafening. I talked to his drummer for a bit. He was 18.


I saw Pat in '79 open for Rush at the formerly named 'Pine Knob' (now DTE Energy Music Theatre) outside of Detroit. I was coming up the back of the hill to enter the show as his band kicked into Out Go The Lights and remember thinking 'Who the hell is this guy? He smokes!". It was my first Rush concert - they were wrapping Hemisphere's tour and auditioning tunes off of Permanent Waves. It was definitely one of top rock shows I've seen.


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Saw them in a small club in the early 80's...Rippen loud ....and in yo face! :cool:

Road up to a harley dealer in Melbourne Fla......400 bikes in the parking lot! WTF!

Pat Travers playing their grand opening..... Tampa locals will remember the opener.... White Witch no less!

Top 5 bands for me.


Wild connection is that Nicko McBrain of long time Iron Maiden fame was his drummer on a couple of early albums.

Travers had an interesting career. He started in Canada and moved to the UK to get a record deal then eventually moved back, so there are pretty much two different Pat Travers bands until you get to the classic one with Tommy Aldridge and Pat Thrall.

I got that box set of Travers that had all of his albums on it and the last couple he did in the 80s were much more soft rock and mid-tempo, playing down the guitar hero angle. I'm guessing the label wanted a hit or he was trying to go new wave, either way not as good.

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