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Sold Paul Cochrane Timmy - Starburst Fiasco with non -reversing tone controls!


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In short, I'm desperately needing cash (Wife's ongoing Cancer treatments), I'm getting old with no gigging in sight, and I have a severe case of Pulsatile Tinnitus.
Because of all this, I've made the very tough decision to sell all the gear I have left.
This is a special edition model made for Humbucker Music.
This has non-reverse knobs for bass and treble unlike all his other models where they act as a cut.
No more thinking about which way to turn them!
This has the same chip as all his best models do and i've put foam washers under the knobs to not allow movement of knobs if stepped on during a gig.
I can quickly and easily take these off if requested.
She is in "like new" condition except for a very small chip to the right of on/off switch on edge...pic's don't do justice!

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Not looking for a Timmy, but best wishes to you and your family in trying times

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