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Paul Gilbert on Page’s Heartbreaker Solo


Silver Supporting Member
Page was a successful session musician. If he wanted something tidy, it would be tidy.
Everything about the production of the first 5 Zeppelin albums was very deliberate.
Personally, I love the Heartbreaker solo........it says something, matches the song perfectly even though the dynamics (and yes, I know, even the tuning is imperfect) are a study in contrast, that fits tin the light/dark dynamics aesthetic of LZ in general.
If it wasn't great art, we would not all still be talking about it.:omg:bonk

I loved the way PG spoke about it all and his breakdown. MAKing my finger itch on the trigger to buy a Marshall SV20 I've been eyeing off.
I love Page, but I've come to realize part of his charm is his "sloppiness" with technique. Engineers that worked with Led Zep have talked at length about all the numerous takes Page would do just to try to get something to sound clean. Frankly, even his early session work and work with the Yardbirds shows those same stylistic traits. Generally, 60's rock session guitarists did not have to have the same skill of today's session players to be successful.

That said, I love the Heartbreaker solo as well. It's iconic and its technical sloppiness and feel is also what makes it so hard to recreate.


What’s the story on the 5 knob layout on that Ibanez Artist?

pup tentacle

Gold Supporting Member
Knee bone connected to the jaw bone, or whatever... use "big parts" to get momentum going, get the wrist out there.... utilize expanded midsection area created by combination of high pants/low guitar... upside-down karate chop... so many things I've been unable to see for myself in all these years, but I'm finally getting this. Thanks, Paul!

Ben Sp

Whoa, 3 band EQ? I thought it had to be a custom setup
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Obviously he’s ten times the player Jimmy is..but it’s missing the sound. His is just distorted blah..the record has all kinda harmonics and sounds way better...even tho jimmy is sloppy.


Platinum Supporting Member
I love the early 80’s Ibanez Artist. Probably weighs a ton.

Yeah I noticed that before I even watched the vid, so cool to see some Ibanez Artist Luv!

Is that the AR300? I have a 500, but this one doesn’t have all of the switches mine does.

EDIT: I just saw answer above: This is the one before the 500.

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