Paul McCartneys Lava Cable along with SRVs strat .... What???


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Oddly enough yes. This is too cool of a story not to share. I put it in the Builders Emp. just to be safe.


Our dealer friend just sold this strat formerly owned and signed by SRV to Paul McCartney in LA last week !

We figured it needed a cool cable to go along for the ride ! I hope Paul likes the new cable and guitar !!!

This very special guitar was not just signed by SRV but was his guitar mid 80s and did gig with it. Paul now owns all the pics of SRV gigging with it as well. SRV signed it for the buyer at the time. His last gig with it was in Beaumont , Texas in 1985.

It is a huge thrill to have anything at all to do with this sale.

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