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Pearly Gates Strat Pickup output/timbre question


I love my regular bucket on another strat which is alnico 2 8.8,k bridge pup and I want a backup guitar that is SSS to get close to it, so im thinking the PG for strat which is alnico 2.

The goal is not to have to drastically tweak my amp at a gig or program other patches too heavily different, so I want both th axes at least ballpark.

The part im wrestling with is that the pg bridge is 11.4 and I'm wondering if it's on the backup of it will be drastically hotter than the regular bucket on the other axe.

They do have a middle pg that's 9.8k and was wondering about using that in the bridge, but since its not a normal size bucker perhaps its too weak to match the 8.8 normal bucker on the other axe.

I may have to buy both and experiment


You can't compare impedance readings on these S-HBs to full size.
Different geometry, magnets ...
Ime they have at least 30% less output than you'd expect going by specs.
I'm familiar with Lil 59 and JB Jr, and they sound reasonably similar to their big counterparts, while still not being quite as loud.
The S-PG has the same tech, so ...

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