Peavey 6505 1x12 Inquiry


Can someone tell me why this combo is only $600? I'd love to get an amp that I can leave at my new rehearsal space full time. I've played a 5150 in the past and thought the clean channel was decent and the drive side was nice, but had way too much gain for me. Regardless, 60 watts effects loop, verb, recording line out....and $600. Am I missing something?


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Same question here.... What's wrong with these amps?

I was in GC last week looking at combos and played this amp. It sounded really good and had a great package of features. But, the gain was over the top on the Lead channel -- I mean at it's lowest possible setting, it was probably more gain than Angus Young used on Back in Black. The Rhythm channel (or whatever they called it) was a lot more flexible in terms of gain, but I don't think you get the amp totally clean. Even with that limitation, still a very tempting amp to own given the price and how great it sounded.

I don't know if it was a sale weekend or what, but they were selling for $579. Seemed like a really good deal to me. What's the word on these?


they are made in china, where as the rest of the series is made in the US of A.

they sound like a 6505. so there aren't any real tonal consequences (other than it's a 1x12)

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