Peavey 6505 blows mains fuse with amp on standby

I have a Peavey 6505 on the bench which keeps blowing the mains fuse with the amp on standby.
1- I removed the power tubes and tried again, same thing. I disconnected the OT, turned the amp on in standby mode, it stayed on. C34 had about 470vdc to grnd. C38 had about half of that which should be correct.
2- I checked the OT windings for resistance/shorts, short to ground and they seem OK.
3- Next, just for the hell of it I rigged up a spare 100w OT after disconnecting the stock one. Turned the amp on in standby mode and again it blew the mains fuse.
So, I have ruled out the tubes, the OT
4- checked C34, C35, C38, C39 with an EDS-88 CapAnalyzer and they test ok.
The only schematic I have or that I can find on the internet is the VH 5150ll which people say is the same. I am not sure they are correct.
Anyone have any ideas. Thank you in advance.

Chris Scott

Disconnect all leads from th PT one at a time, (save for the primaries) and you'll find the offender. If it still blows the main after fils, rectifier and B+ are disconnected, you've got a duff PT.

I'm no expert, yet I just went through this with an amp. Pretty simple really, just a process of elimination.

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