peavey classic 50 vs. Carvin bel-air


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Hi again everyone,
I have my choice of new amp narrowed down to the Peavey classic 30 or 50. Then I thought about the carvin amps the nomad 12" or the bel-air.
The question that I have now is do I go with one that I can hear or order one in hopes that it is what I am looking for and off of what I have seen on youtube.

Please Help, thank you.


I prefer the Carvin Bel Air/Nomad over the Peavey Classic 30, but the Peavey Classic 50 over the Carvin.

The Carvin seems to be a midrange monster. The Bel Air and Vintage 50 head I've had seemed to excel at thick, dark tones, but were a bit less dynamic and vintage-y than the C30. I prefer it's thickness over the chimier C30, but YMMV. The Carvins could certain veer into nasally and honky, which might not be your thing.

The C50 seems more Marshall-esque, and a bit more even all around than the Carvin, not as aggressive in the mids.

What kind of music are you looking to play with it? That might help narrow it down.

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