Peavey PA cab crossover bad


I picked up a couple of older Peavey 3-way PA cabs for super cheap at the flea market last week. One works fine, but the other has an issue.
Back jack plate has Input, XLR Input, high and low bi-amp inputs.

plugging into the standard 1/4" input, I get nothing from the bass speaker. Plugging into the biamp bass input, the bass speaker works. I jumped the 8" speaker leads on to the bass speaker and get the horn and bass speaker to work with a slight loss of mids. Speaker sounds good in comparison to the fully working speaker.

Any need or reason to try to repair the bad crossover? Peavey replacement crossover is around $150. I paid $30 for these cabs. Not really looking to invest alot, but are crossovers repairable?

mark norwine

you certainly need the don't run the box without it. Full-spectrum into paralleled speakers = blown horn really quickly!!

As silly as it sounds, a lot of crossovers use light bulbs as fuses. Take the crossover out & see what's going on. This might be an easy fix.

J M Fahey

You have a bad jack at the biamp bass input, but I'd replace all.

The exact same type, order them from Peavey.
Not expensive.

The internal jack switches are important in this case because they assign speakers to one circuit (biamped) or the other (through XO) and that's exactly what's failing now.

And I suggest replacing all because one already failed, the others must not be far behind.

Rust, puke, somebody peeing behind the cabinet, you name it :(

EDIT: Mark is quite close, but a blown lamp/fuse would cut the horn, the woofer usually goes straight. :)

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