Peavey Ultra Series Bass


Tone is in the Ears
This Peavey Ultra Series bass has three knobs: a precision style pickup and a jazz style pickup. It has one volume control for each pickup and a master tone control.

I need to see a schematic of the bass. Only the first and third knobs seem to work. The bass will sound, but turning knob two does not affect the sound at all.

So, I found a schematic and it looks to be wired correctly, so I tested the Jazz pickup and between the two leads (hot & ground) I get continuity - no resistance at all.

Does that say the pickup is dead - or should I try something else?
BTW: this is a 4-connector pickup green, white, red and black. The green & white are soldered together and not connected. The black & red give me continuity. Should I try using the green & white instead, or will that just put that pickup out of phase? Or is there a way to reverse the wires and get it in phase?



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