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Peavey Vyper replaces TM10


I have always kept a TM 10 in the spare room as a little amp. I gave it to a friends son as a present and had to go out and find a cheapo replacement. Went to a couple of stores and was knocked out by what $100 bucks buys these days. This amp will never leave the house or gig. Wow the sounds I get out of this, I like it heavy, the XXX was always a favorite. So then I got an online coupon for 10% off at Best buy. End result, great little amp for 90 bucks.

Phil M

Shapeshifting Member
Silver Supporting Member
Very cool. I need something like this for around the house. $99 ... wow.


Good for you! I've heard some very good tones come out of a Vypyr.

I scored my TM10 for $99, because the reverb didn't work, and it was a used piece at Sam Ash. A $27 Accutronics tank later, and it was good as new. I think I sold it for almost $200.

The TM10 was a great amp, but I ended up only using it on the Marshall setting, because it was the most responsive to the volume knob in terms of cleaning up. This looks like it blows away the TM10 in terms of flexibility. :aok

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