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Peda to boost my Tim = Timmy?


So, I have a Tim pedal from Paul and it's incredible. I leave the Tim side on and use the boost to get a great low-gain OD sound. It's pretty much the only dirt pedal I have/need on my board. However, I like to have a boost sometimes before my Whammy (which is before the Tim) and after the comp. I had a Keeley Katana (didn't bond with it) and was thinking about a Super Hard-on, but then it hit me... would a Timmy work in this context?

What say you?

Paulo Grua

I use a Lovepedal Amp50 after my Whammy and before my Timmy. I use it when I need a little more ain and volume for solos...


Silver Supporting Member
I've been running 3 drives into my Twin..TS9>Screwdriver>Timmy>amp..I leave the Timmy on all the time with low to medium gain, volume set to amp unity..That is my "clean" tone. I use the TS9 set to medium gain to boost the Timmy into a little more gain for ACDC type rhythm.The Screwdriver is either a solo boost or a dirtier rhythm tone depending on the song..A stock TS9 really surprised me into the Timmy..Great tones with nice harmonics..


I boost my Timmy with an Xotic EP Boost. It's great for soloing and it doesn't change your tone as much as stacking another dirt pedal.

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