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I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions for me on my pedal board. I attached a picture to help explain. I'm using a Modded Vox AC30 CCx along with a Duesenberg & White Falcon but im having a hard time getting my RC booster to sound good through it. I wanted to leave it on all the time to warm up the tone but instead it almost sounds like my amp is clipping instead of warm tone. I know this can be done because one of my favorite guitarist does it this way and thats how he gets his tone.

Im using it at the end of my chain. Could that be the problem?? my order goes like this. Also Please let me know if there is a better order for me to put my pedals in

Thanks so much

Little black buffer (not pictured )

Into true bypass looper
Super Hard On
Little Green Wonder
Eventide Time factor

Out of true bypass looper

Blue Sky Reverb
Tap a Whirl
Rc Booster



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You a bit of a Jesus culture fan?

I personally don't really care for the rc booster with my ac30. What about a second SHO or a Timmy? I own both of those and they sound great. I use a prs McCarty for reference and go for sounds like I'm guessing you do by what you play...

Anyway, I'd highly suggest a Timmy if not at the end in your chain, it really does live up to all the hype it gets here.


A Jesus Culture Fan Really?? what makes you think that ?? lol

Yea I totally am haha. I know he uses a RC BOOSTER but i have yet to get it to sound good. You are right, I do love the SHO. Just wondering if RC Boosters suppost to sound like crap or not haha He does a pretty good job of making it sound good and he leaves it on all the time


Jesus Culture is also produced in studios, and utilizes top of the line equipment for live sound. So there is that... ;)

Also remember, when you hear him play, you're hearing the full band. He fits into the mix extremely well, and while it might sound warm with the band, it could sound completely different all the time.

All that being said... from what I can see (or think I can see) from the picture, your treble is turned up to ~2 o'clock. Try turning it down a little? Again, what works for him won't necessarily work for you and where you play.


You have to set the gain knob to a very low setting, around 8 or 9 o'clock. You have to find the balance with the volume and gain knobs. Set the volume either to unity gain or higher for a volume boost. Set bass and treble to taste. Also the filtertrons crap out with too much gain, so you also have to compensate the gain on your drives.

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