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    Jan 13, 2007
    So I bought a Marshall and went through trying out all my Fuzz and OD pedals with it. Basically I stuck whatever I was trying out first in front of my pedal board. Marshall was set to light crunch and guitar is Strat with single coils.

    My usual pedal order is True Bypass Tuner < Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe < Fuzz < OD < modulations and Reverb and Delay and boost in the loop etc. My buffered pedal sits after the OD before the pedalboard output.

    While I stuck my Ibanez TubeScreamer or my Visual Sound Double Trouble (2 tube screamers in one) first, both being buffered pedals, suddenly my Mini Deja Vibe sounded a lot better. Not because the OD mind you, but because of the buffer before it.

    Then I ran the TS pedals into the Fuzz pedals - usually I always did this the other way around - and it sounded great too. I was also very much surprised that the buffered pedals before the fuzz had zero negative effect on the fuzz pedals. Usually Fuzz should go first common wisdom seems to dictate. I tried a bunch of Fuzz pedals and had no issues at all with having a buffered pedal in front of them.

    Next I took my only buffered pedal (which is after the OD) off of the board all together and moved the KOT all the way in front instead of the buffered TubeScreamers.
    The Mini Deja Vibe sounded much thinner again and the KOT didn't sound good into the Fuzz pedals, and overall the tone lost a lot, and I mean a lot of high end. Then I put the buffered VS Double Trouble back all the way in front, now in front of the KOT and all sounded great again and the high end came back.
    So for now I leave the Visual Sound Double Trouble all the way in front and the Kot back after the Fuzz.

    In short, buffers really do something and do different things in different spots on a board. OD before Fuzz also works fine, and a buffered OD before (my) Ge and Si Fuzz pedals also work great (for me).

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