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pedal chain order question


So...does it really matter, the order of the pedal, if I'm only using one pedal at a time? For example, I only use the Phase 90 or the CE-2 by themselves, not mixed with an overdrive unit.

I've just recently switched my board over to this:

and it was previously set up like this:

anyone see any major no-no's in my layout?

thanks for the time...


Senior Member
Of course it matters because the signal is still running through the pedals.

First no-no: Don't put your Chorus first
Second no-no: Using a Phase 90 with that Barber LTD.

The Phase 90 has a funny impact on TB pedals. It's a real tone sucker.

I'd go with: Wah > Phase 90 > Trifecta > LTD > Clear Gain > Chorus > TU2

Of course, this is just my opinion. Use your ears and listen to what sounds best to you


The short answer is yes, it can/does matter, especially in relation to your placement of buffered pedals, like the TU-2 and the CE-2. These can influence the sound of other pedals, especially ODs and fuzzes, even when off/bypassed. That's why I try to put buffered pedals last. But, then again, you have to be careful not to use the tuner with any modulating pedals engaged.

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