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Pedal facelift....lots of pix


Gibson Geezer
Silver Supporting Member
So, inspired by the thread on "swirling" your own pedals on another forum(props to Gringo Loco for this info!) I decided to give my CMATMODS Signa Drive a make-over.

Here's the pedal as I got it in a trade:

The decals were coming off, and the dull blue/green paint had seen better days.

I taped off the switches & jacks with plain scotch tape, and sanded it down smooth:

Then I used a mixture of Rustoleum black semi-gloss, dayglo orange &
dayglo pink acrylic paints I had laying around, and did the "drip" method onto the pedal:

After drying overnight, I sanded it down smooth. Unfortunately, the black paint
had contaminants, so I wound up with a lumpy surface:

After I was happy with the finish, I sprayed 3 coats of clear acrylic,
using 0000 steel wool between coats to achieve a smoother finish:

Here's the finished pedal.
I think it's a great new look for what was a boring looking pedal.

OK, that last one was just for fun......

This whole project took about 3 nights of taping, sanding, dripping, and spraying on an already-built pedal. I'm sure it would be a faster process on an empty box.

I'm really happy with my first attempt at this.
I've already gone to the art store & stocked up on acrylic paints, and am just looking for another "victim" on my board.....
hi flying v 83 my name is dave and im an overdrive addict...as well:AOK

nice job!! and i give you props for not taking it out of the case...thats a gutsy move...id be scared,paint and all..been messing around with that technique as well and it really is a pretty easy thing since you cant really mess up..once again nice job..cool color choices!


NICE...I just paid an extra $35 bucks for a swirl on a Mojo Drive...it was worth it as its very sweet...but this IS inspiring-thanx for sharing!

dave s

Pedal MAKEOVER is what that should have been called. :BEER And a damn NICE one at that!

I prefer the finish on yours to my donnerbox P'Mint Fuzz.



Supporting Member
Could you, uh... point me toward the how-to thread?



Yep - how exactly did you do the dripping? I thought rustoleum black was a spray paint?

I've done a few pedal project, but i'd love to do one of these paintjobs on my next build.



Gibson Geezer
Silver Supporting Member
There's a thread on it at diystompboxes but I think you have to be a member.
I saw the thread on HC (SWIRL YOUR OWN PEDALS), and the link was temporarily active, now it's not.

They sell Rustoleum black paint in pints & quarts. But now I bought Anita's brand acrylic paints at the art store & will use them. The Rustoleum was what I had at hand when I started this. I wouldn't recommend it, it had "lumps" that resulted in extra sanding required.

I taped down a couple of old pens on an old artist's palette, and when I dripped the paint on I just tilted the palette to spread the paint.

I duct-taped the bottom plate since it was already velcroed.
Taped off the switches & jacks with scotch tape & used an Exacto to trim to a nice fit.

Started with black, covering most of the pedal, then dripped pink & orange in various spots all around. The tilting blended everything together.

The tutorial said to use toothpicks to suspend the box & plate (it was on an empty box) on cardboard, and use a toothpick to make swirls in the paint. Mine swirled enough with blending that I was satisfied.


I've been thinking about stripping and repainting my DS-1 if I were to mod it. But now, I almost want to buy an MXR style enclosure and do something like that.

Very cool indeed.


i went the same route as you,covering all switches,jacks etc with tape, except i was going for a plain colour paint job,maybe paint some logo on it after.its not finished yet but i was wondering what finish to put on it as i had a feeling it would chip far too easily if i didnt put some sort of clear finish on it, and to give it a nice finish too.
my main concern is the heat of lights onstage affecting the paint,so want to do it properly.

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