Pedal-GAS: you were deep in, and you got out


Play more. Chase more girls. Buy fewer pedals.

Seriously, some of y'all sound like going through thousands of dollars worth of the things. I agree with the idea above that this is something in addition to pursuing music.

I have only what I use with the band, with the exception of my five flangers. But the flangers are all very different different and are cool for messing around. But 10+ overdrives?

Musicians are not alone. Over at the shooter websites, GAS = Gun Acquisition Syndrome.
but there's always an overdrive out there that's just a little more "touch sensitive" and "transparant" :munch :bong :bonk


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There is this cut off point where gear goes from being fun, to being cumbersome. I mentally create a capacity for what I want in my rig, and that way, once I reach capacity, something has to go out for something new to come in.


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This seems to be the year my pedal gas has subsided, I've only bought one this year and it was before the virus shutdown! That's a record for me...

Mostly it's due to having acquired enough pedals over the past few years to mix and match until I found the right combination for what I need and want to sound like.

But this also required multiple pedalboard purchases, as I worked out the physical considerations as well as the tonal requirements.

The other big part was finally finding an amp that gave me the base tone I needed...can't build much without a strong foundation. It actually removed the need for one pedal (dirty boost), also..
For those who triumphed over GAS, can you share how deep you were in, and how clean you currently are?

I have gathered several tens of pedals recently during a short period of time (a little embarrased to really count, actually), and I plan to get rid of most of those (I would keep say 10 dirt pedals, 5 delays). Is my plan feasible?
I wouldn’t say I’ve completely triumphed over it, but I’m definitely 85-90% there. I used to prevaricate and flip pedals a lot, but nowadays I only keep what I really need and use and have had minimal board changes over the past 18 months. I have one board (with six pedals and a tuner), one electric, one amp, and one acoustic. I would say only keep 2-3 dirt pedals and one delay (or two if you need to stack, play more ambient stuff, etc.) and sell off the rest. Easier said than done, I know, but being more frugal and keeping my gear collection lean has helped me. I found myself being caught between a desire to make every sound & be experimental with pedals, and keeping things simple. I think I’ve finally found the right balance, and I only have short, temporary bouts of GAS these days, though I’m aware that could always change. However, more recently what has helped that GAS abate is knowing that I’ve been there before and it didn’t work/help/was a monumental waste of time & money; that most pedals these days at least do the job well and the grass isn’t usually greener (especially with OD/distortion); and most importantly that life is far too short to worry about these things.

Good luck!


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I thought I was done after getting the JHS Bender (highly recommended) but then I bought a Twin Bender last night. Not good.


Great input from all!
In my case, I feel like GAS is one obsession I can't get away with, but I actually might swap that obsession for another. I think I can go back to my good old obsession: writing scores of records without really playing them on the guitar :)


Pedal Junkie here...I fell down that rabbit hole and its been one hell of a mind-bending trip, especially when you have endless G.A.S. I started out not using any pedals except for a Cry Baby Wah (was using all rack mount gear for over 25+ years which had every FX imaginable). Then 5 years ago, one day, I suddenly disliked my tone and sold everything off in a weeks time, except of course not my guitars and not that lonely lil Cry Baby Wah. I went full all tube finding my tone with Orange Terrors and new cabs of Celestion Vintage 30s and 70th Anniversary speakers. Now I was tasked with getting my FX back, once in racks but now back down on the floor. I didn't want digital, programmable, software driven all in one multi-FX boards like the Helix or Axe-FX, going to the warmth and natural tone of all tube amps had me wanting mostly analog pedal and some digital ones but nothing with presets and firmware updating required, or with software and layers of menus. Just a few controls to dial in what I like and off I go.

I looked into what was out there, and there was so much, I was far behind in my knowledge of current gear (almost 30 years), at first, started building very large pedalboards, I mean big, bulky, awkward, heavy, cumbersome boards of 2x, 3x rows of 6x pedals across, sometimes having 2x of each FX on them. I went from classic brands to getting bit by the bug of luxurious looking boutique brands, limited editions, and all the hype that comes with them. It was getting way out of hand, I was buying and trying pedals almost a dozen weekly, all I was doing was waiting for the delivery trucks each day practically, what I didn't like went back or got sold on or at GC, and that was a weekly task too, the pattern was engulfing me 24/7. And not to mention the amounts of money lost when I missed their return windows and had to sell on my own!

Late last year, I made the decision, I wanted to downsize and began streamlining to just 3x single row flat aluminum boards (my approach to becoming a minimalist); my largest board is a Pedaltrain Metro 24 with 8x pedals (all boutique brands), the medium sized Pedaltrain Nano + with 6x ("vintage" inspired of reissued classic ones), and the smallest "Fly-Rig" a Pedaltrain Nano of 5x (a hybrid of boutique and vintage bare essentials).

I still consider myself a Pedal Junkie but with the G.A.S. very much under control. I do like boutique brands still and often hit the brand's website to see what's new. I feel that I am out of the rabbit hole, while my boards are constantly rearranged with what's on them, which helps keep me busy, but I don't look to buying so many pedals the way I used to. I had at one point a max of probably 60 FX pedals, probably not as many as some others out there might have in their collection but for me it was too much, now down to the 19 across these modest sized boards, I think that has to say a lot about my will power. And I am much happier now, plus my tone has improved immeasurably with far less involved in the signal chains.


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I'm pretty much done with pedals... maybe another 10. Now Im onto axe fx and tube amps. So, Im still a junky.

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