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pedal help 101 - Digitech Crossroads


I am a novice and just purchased my first pedal - a Digitech Crossroads.

I was just reading reviews online and one person stated that this was a "modeling" type and should only be used through an effects loop - NOT through the front of an amp.

Is this correct ?

I have a Fender Vibro-king, Supersonic and Lonestar Special ( all are too nice for my skill level ) and I believe all have effects loop.

So is there a rule of thumb about when to use the loop vs into the front of the amp ?



Silver Supporting Member
I believe that those Digitech artist pedals have both amp and mixer outputs. Set your amp up for a flat clean tone and try it into the front of the amp from the amp output. You can try the mixer out into the return of the effects loop to bypass your amp's preamp.
Let us know how it works.


i have that pedal, but i've only really ever used it to split out my signal to 2 amps. i tried acoustic simulator a few times, but it was so noisy it was unusable. that said...i've heard the same thing about the rotosphere and a bunch of other f/x that they're extrememly noisy in the front end but quieter in the loop, so it's definately worth a shot. i wonder if i have an amp with a loop on it here....

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