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I am rewiring my board and wondering if I could get some advice with regards to the order at the beginning of my chain.

Right now I am wondering how to order the following:
- Envelope filter (Emma Discumbobulator)
- Buffer (custom Microbuffer2)
- Compressor (I run my Barber Tone Press before my drives, early in the chain)
- Wah (Fulltone Clyde Deluxe)

After these my chain is as follows:

Foxrox Aquavibe > Timmy > Rimrock MO > Fulltone FD3 > HBE Psilocybe Phaser > Malekko 660 Dark > Suhr Jackrabbit > TC Ditto X2.

I also occasionally run a fuzz (Mojo Iron Bell) and would appreciate any info on where to insert this in the chain.




It appears no one ever responded to you. I run a pretty similar chain (albeit with different versions of these effects types). I do buffer-wah-EF-comp. If you prefer compressor before wah, do buffer-EF-comp-wah. The order of the EF and wah doesn't really matter, because you won't use them together, but the order of the EF and comp matters a lot (comp AFTER).

You can put the Iron Bell anywhere, as far as I can tell (Muffs are versatile). I'd probably put it after the drives so I could stack them--or experiment with putting it after delay. Maybe consider splitting up the phaser and vibe before and after some of the drives, so you get some more modulation versatility.

OK, so here's what I'd do for the whole chain (as long as it fit on the board this way):

Microbuffer2-Discombobulator-Tone Press-Clyde-Timmy-Rimrock-Psilocybe-FD3-Aquavibe-660-Iron Bell-Jackrabbit-Ditto

What have you settled on up till now?

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