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Hi Guys,

need an experts advice here.

Here is my setup and what I want to accomplish. Based on below, what should the best pedal order be for me without suffering much tone loss. I think I have my pedal order correct but just want to double-check with an expert. Am I taking full advantage of my gear with what I have?

Gibson Les Paul Standard - passive pickups
Marshall DSL100 half stack with series effects loop, running at 16 OHMS - 4X12 1960A cab.

Boss TU2 tuner
Zakk Wylde Wah pedal
BYOC Overdrive II pedal used to boost the amps preamp overdrive
MXR Analog Chorus pedal
Ernie Ball VP Junior 6180 250K passive volume pedal as master volume
Boss DD7 Delay pedal
BYOC Reverb pedal

I play mostly classic rock and want to use my volume pedal only as a master volume. I'm using a reverb pedal because I don't like the amps built in reverb.

My EB volume pedal has a tuner out as well. Should I put the TU-2 tuner after the guitar, in front of my amp or in the volume pedal? Is my volume pedal in the correct spot? Here is my current pedal order:

Guitar->tuner->Wah->Overdrive->Amp in
then I use my loop:
FX Send->Chorus->Volume->Delay->Reverb->FX Return

Like I said, the fact that I want to use my volume pedal as a master volume only and that I have a series effects loop and my volume pedal is 250K passive and I am using the amps built in overdrive boosted with an OD pedal, am I getting the full benefits with this pedal order? I'm mostly confused on volume pedal and tuner placement as I have heard they can suck tone if not placed properly.

any help will be appreciated.

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You have it right. The passive EB volume pedal is notorious for sucking tone if you use the tuner out. Just leave it where it is.

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The only change I'd recommend is putting the wah first followed by the tuner a most wahs prefer the guitar level signal.

Try it and see which you prefer.

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