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Pedal platform guys.....what amps are you using?


Gold Supporting Member
I have a Groove Tubes Soul-O Slave that is *thee* perfect pedal platform.

Clean as all hell. Two knobs- Amplitude (volume) and Presence. Gets loud as you want to get, yet still sounds great at lower volumes. Also has a foot switchable FX loop. (Loop is parallel.)

Considering that it's a 1X12 combo, I'd say it's the perfect 'grab-n-go'.... but it's kind of heavy.

7 out of 8 ain't bad though, amirite?!

Edit: forgot to mention that it's ~75w tube. Switchable between Class AB, Class A and Class A "Gnarly". And you can switch out any kind of pentode power tube, with proper biasing.

It's a beast!


Silver Supporting Member
Headroom helps a lot. These days I like lower wattage amps so that’s a bit of a pickle. I did find an 18 watt HiTone combo that has a lot of headroom and takes drive pedals beautifully and is louder than I would ever need. The downside is that it was pricey.
I also have a Fender 68 vibrolux that likes most pedals quite a bit, particularly modulation. That amp is perfect Fender sound with volume at 6-7.


Silver Supporting Member
I’m using a custom deluxe/matchless-style amp built by my tech running into a Mesa 1x12 with an EV M12L. I’m then running a line out from the head as a preamp into the normal channel of an AC15 with a healthy amount of reverb to cheat at a wet/dry rig.


Gold Supporting Member
Dr Z Maz Jr 2x10 (primary and still favorite and makes any pedal sound good)
Magnatone Twilighter (delicious)
Dr Z Jetta (really nice)
And more often than not lately for the last year at home and limited rehearsals: Deluxe Reverb Tone Monster (bright cap and reverb update done)

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