Pedal Projects - Growly (new OD + Booster)!


Hey guys, I wanted to introduce you to this new pedal that I will be releasing in early February. It's called Growly and is a dual OD + Booster pedal.



Here's a brief desciption:
"It's a low gain overdrive, paired with the Owly booster and order switch for versatility.

- Two independent MOSFET circuits
- True bypass
- Switch between Booster > OD or OD > Booster
- 9V input

On the OD side, the gain isn't an external knob, but an internal trimmer. "Why?" You might ask, since it's once of the most used knobs on a drive pedal.
The reason is simple, the focus is taken away from the gain knob and moved to the way you play. The drive circuit is very dynamic and sensitive to the guitar, pickups, the way you pick and the settings you've dialled in on the pedal. So what are the "bias" and "body" knobs for?

For complete details and a video demo of the pedal, please visit

Please go and have a look!

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