Pedal Roulette.


I can’t play that!
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Waxing philosophical for a moment here...

I enjoy the chase as much as next guy. Maybe more. At any given time there's a rotation of OD's, compressors, boosts (including Clones) on/off my board. There are some failures, some happy accidents. But when I seem to find the right formula - regardless of what the individual 'ingredients' are in the recipe- it still comes out tasting the same. The sound I want to hear (and feel) always seems to distill itself down to the same thing (with marginal differences).

It might be a good thing, it might be a bad thing- I certainly don't have some fantastic 'fresh' identity or trademark tone. But my brain has a way of finding my sound regardless of what I use to get there. It's a bit frustrating because there are so many interesting/cool options available, and tho they may peak my interest, I still wake up the next morning to "I Got You Babe" on the clock radio.

Rant complete, feeling refreshed/cleansed.


The "tone's in fingers" argument. I agree to a point. We are all limited by our imagination, level of technique, our fingers and tone choices. I play the roulette as much as the next guy, but my interest is in refining what I've got going.

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