Pedal Train board size recommendation


I'm looking at buying two final pedals to "complete" my rig and I'd like to purchase a Pedal Train board at the same time. Unfortunately because I haven't got the two pedals, I can't measure the rig and then purchase accordingly.

What size of Pedal Train board would you recommend would be the best fit for these pedals?

Boss TU-2, Boss CS-3, Dunlop Crybaby Mini, Frantone Peach Fuzz, Fulltone OCD, Love Pedal Pickle Vibe, Catalinbread Belle Epoch and the Catalinbread Tasliman

I might had one more pedal and most likely that would be a MXR standard box.

I don't want to buy a board that is too small or way to big. The reason why I'm going to purchase the pedals and pedal board in the same transaction is to save on postage.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated

Ugly Bunny

FWIW, I bought the biggest one they make (the Terra42) and it wasn't big enough. I don't really have that many pedals, but I do have a volume, wah, looper, and my Mark V footswitch on it too, in addition to several strymons and other various pedals.

Regardless, what I suggest doing is looking at the available sizes, and masking off a part of your floor to the exact dimensions and arranging your pedals as such, taking into account the two that you don't have yet. Also, remember to take into account power and patch cables - THAT is a factor that QUICKLY reduces avialable practical room on any pedalboard.

Pedaltrain also has a virtual board builder that's pretty handy and fun! -

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