Pedal without indicator LED? Is it annoying?

I've never had an issue.. especially if its a fuzz. The only time I can think of is if when I set up my rig and the wah is on and I can't figure out why my rig sounds weird.. "oh the wah is already on!"
Ugh, I bought a fuzz pedal a long time ago. The demos were great; it had an incredible reputation. Small builder so I had to get on a list and it was at the upper end of my price range. Finally the day arrived and it sucked! Sucked, sucked, sucked. I was crestfallen. Took me a whole day to realize the wah was on.
Remove a wah pedal from the lineup because you forgot to check and left it in one position? Doesn't make much sense.
i've had that happen, so i get it. what i mean is that if you can't tell whether your drive, your boost, fuzz, etc is on, maybe you don't need it. all teasing, in good fun.
that's all!


Gotta have an LED. Especially for a fuzz or distortion pedal. Of course I can hear when its on... but what If I leave it on at the end of one set and start the next set with a quiet song and forget to check the non-LED pedal's status... not a huge deal, but maybe a bit embarrassing. Not having an LED on my Fuzz Factory has been an annoyance.


I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with using a pedal with no LED in a live show situation. Is it a major inconvenience?
It's okay if you have a reliable footswitch, a good memory and are generally playing loud.

I used to have a fuzz pedal with no LED and an unreliable footswitch and I'm playing ambient jazz, and it was a major pain that led to a couple of embarrassing moments.


I think the first pedal I had with a LED was the TS9 when they came out, so I was already used to no LEDs. They're certainly useful though.