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Pedalboard help - sound where there is no sound!


I spent the better part of 2 days re-wiring my pedalboard. I ran all of the daisy chain power cables underneath the floor of my pedalboard. I removed all of the power supplies off the board (I use a pedalsnake). I run my boss tu-2 tuner out of the tuner out on my EB Volume pedal.

When I have my tuner on and the volume up on my pedal, I can here the tuner when the lights move on it. It makes a popping sort of noise. What could be causing this? Very subtle but it is there.

I use George L's cables and a the one spot daisy chain.

Any help would be appreciated.


Have had this happen to me also, sounds like cellular microwave traffic interference only faster pulses, like a digital slot machine. I find with the TU-2 its present when streaming and is intermittent.

If you are at live volume levels, it can be loud for sure

I am thinking if the pedal itself is not going bad, its being induced over the power distribution buss then being passed to the amp over the common ground within the pedal chain and to the amp. This would be due to the lack of adequate filtering in the power supply and/or a ground loop, something difficult to eliminate. There is much info on this topic but to sum it up, power supply bricks with isolated outputs is what you want like the pp2 by voodoo.

If your using a Boss PSA to power many pedals, it may not be adequate for your needs and/or you have a pedal in the chain that does not like it and the reasons are plentiful. I know those daisy chains have 6 or 7 plugs so the inclination is to use them all.

Sometimes you can narrow it down to one pedal and reduce or eliminate.

Bypass each pedal (eliminate its patching in the chain 100%) 1 pedal at a time, post tu-2 to see if it goes away. If you really need that pedal, use a battery if you can, that usually kills it since the battery is independent of the power supply earth ground.


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Yep, power the tuner with a battery and see if the problem persists. Isolated outputs are good for pedalboards.

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