Pedalboard hum or not? I'm stumped

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    Sep 22, 2014
    So I had my delay on the other day with my volume pedal rolled back (no sound), went to adjust a cable going into my Fulldrive 2 and got a small pop (with subsequent pop echo's from my delay). Next I switched on my Fulldrive only to hear a pop from that as well, and then discover that there's no sound coming through the amp. I unplugged the pedalboard and later plugged it back in; everything seemed to work ok.

    A week later I noticed that I am now getting a hum that is acting much like a grounding problem with the guitar - hum when I'm not touching the strings, no hum when I do. However, I plugged the guitar directly into my amp bypassing the pedals and there doesn't seem to be any hum.

    Are these two issues related?

    By the way, my setup is typically stage tuner - morley volume - pigtronix compressor - fulldrive 2 - amp. My delay is a Tech 21 that is currently running through the effects loop. I also have the pedalboard and my amp running into a power conditioner.

    Thanks for any help.

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