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FS PedalFarm F-2 Fuzz - Silicon MKII Tone Bender Style Pedal.


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The PedalFarm F-2 is based on a classic three germanium transistor MKII Tonebender fuzz circuit, re-imagined with silicon transistors and a precision Bias control that provides a wide range of textures to the fuzz, freeing up new possibilities previously unattainable, all without losing the essence of the original classic. The interaction between the BIAS and Attack controls allow for a multitude of different sounds. The F-2 is also very reactive to your guitars volume knob, making this a significantly versatile fuzz pedal. The F-2 works best into a clean amp, and works exceptionally well with a bass or guitar.

The PedalFarm F-2 is hand-built by the PedalFarmer himself, using top quality parts and detailed craftsmanship. Low tolerance, high-grade components are used to ensure optimal performance and consistency. PedalFarm offers you exceptional quality and unbeatable customer service at an unbelievably reasonable price. You will not be disappointed! For more information, visit PedalFarmFX.com

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