pedals and grand piano mike question


i am wondering if the boss ve-20 is worth purchasing to mess with vocals or if i can do what it does in ableton? i suppose that's a matter of opinion but i would appreciate any input.

i'm told hardware sound is always better and i am a good vocalist.

what im doing:
i'm a pianist and learned how to play flamenco chords on guitar first, so i enjoy finger picking and i am trying to find a way to combine that with vocal loops, drums and pedals, with piano. i listen to a lot of electronic music and psychadelic rock if that's at all helpful.

also, i am interested in using my pedal board to run the output of a grand piano through it. what would be the best microphone for picking up a grand piano's sound?

so is the ve-20 worth it /// and would i be better off investing in a good keyboard instead of the pedals effects on the grand piano, in terms of midi control and sound quality ??

i have a lot more questions and you know i would be really grateful to anyone who could help me out.

thank you.


if your just going to run the mic sound through effects and processing, just use a dynamic mic, like a Sm57. If you don't isolate the acoustic piano from the PA some you will have problems making feedback etc as you try to ramp up gain etc. I would use a keyboard, the piano sounds are amazing and the interactions with effects will be more precise and useable.

no experience with the Ve-20, but Boss makes great stuff, hard to go wrong with this for vocal mics

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