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Clearing out a little bit of the stash. Im open to trades for other pedals. I like all kinds. I don't need any more pickups though. Ive got a ton I haven't even tried out yet. Also will consider trades for Nikon FX lenses or Fuji X mount lenses.

JHS Kodiak Tremolo w/Tap Tempo - Like New $old
JHS Milkman Slap Delay with Clean Boost - Like New $old
Boss RV-6 - Like New $old

Häussel ‘59 Pickups - They have short leads - They were pulled out of my Nik Huber Orca a while back ago. I've since sold that guitar and have just held onto these because you never see them for sale and they are great PAF style pups. - $old for the set.

McNelly Sparkle Tron Neck Pickup, Humbucker Mount - If you have not tried McNelly pickups do yourself a favor and get a set asap. They've all been great pups. I had this in custom telecaster build and it was a perfect. If you wanted a matching bridge pickup the guys at McNelly custom make all their pickups to your liking. - $100

Lollar Royal T Neck Pickup - Has the 3rd wire on it to be wired for a 4 way switch. Great Strat style pickup made specifically for T style guitars. - $old

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