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Pedals at NAMM


How can I? There's so much dang noise in the hall, you can't really check out how they 'sound'. But it's fun to look and talk about em'

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For whatever reason, I always seem to drool on the Moolon stuff... they've got such a great look & vibe to them.


What pedal lines will you be checking out this week at NAMM?

I'm not going this year ...... not sure why, but there's a guy in Santa Clarita that makes about two pedals a year and they are really killer. I think only three or four people on the planet have them.




eoo funny!
I wont be at NAMM this year. I am of to Cozumel instead.
But I hope everybody has a killer show.
Playloud, hit me up after the 28th.
Scott, I will miss you this time around. Not sure why but you know.
So thats why I need details. I am such a gear junkie.:D



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omg! way too many pedals and pedal makers to check out. they shoudl ahve had a separate wing for them. the diamond pedals are really great. i have a j-drive mkIII tha tis super and the new comp/eq pedal looks and sounds very promising. xotic had a few new things. lehle had the new programmable switchers and bypass loopers there. very nice. eventide was demoing the modfactor. they said it was shipping that week. ton of stuff at dunlop/way huge, seymour duncan, etc. the demeter double tremolo sounded fantastic. i didn't get to hear the demeter reverb but it looked very promising.


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The Demeter reverb was amazing - best stomp reverb ever! A crowd grew around me when I played it - just beautiful.


Any new stuff from Xotic at Namm 2008?

The "new and improved" Robotalk is due.

do you know how it will differ from the 1st version?

The Robo talk is due up next for a make over. The casings we use for the X-Blender, AC+ and BB+, we want to use for the Robo. Not sure how it will differ from the original, but my opinion is I think we should get rid of the arpeggiator side and insert something like a fuzz or vibe or trem. What do you guys think?

The newest pedal is the BB+. WOW!! really good. The question I get the most is how does it differ from the BB. Well channel A is voice like it but it's not as compressed and a little louder and more opend. Channel B seemed to be the NAMM favorite. Its got some good crunch and a little stiffer. We played the pedal through a Z Maz Jr. Think plexi sound. Now through my Fuchs TDS, on channel 1, it reminded me of a cranked Fender Super or a cranked Princeton, but with a little more saturation. I found it very versitale. It covers a lot of ground, so I think it will be a big hit.

I'll say this, it won't replace my BB, but rather I'll use both.

We'll be doing an instructional video soon, but I think you'll like it alot.

Hope that helps.



Not sure how it will differ from the original, but my opinion is I think we should get rid of the arpeggiator side and insert something like a fuzz or vibe or trem. What do you guys think?

What?!? I think that everyone who buys Robotalk gets it because of the arpeggiator and you wanna get rid of that?:eek: It's kinda incomprehensible for me...


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ha, im using a robotalk at the moment and i like the apreggiator the most too!

ha, another "dont fix if it aint broke" call maybe?


I've got agree with everyone about the Robotalk arpeggiator being the best part of the pedal. That is the only reason I bought the pedal! Everyone I know that has one has purchased it because of the arpeggiator feature....not because of the envelope filter.

I wish Xotic would add larger controls for the arpeggiator side. Great pedal! A keeper on my board for sure!


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i don't know if the robotalk has changed, but way back when i had one i thought it was a) the best envelope filter i had used ever and b) the arp was extremely useful and cool. but i sold it because i couldn't deal with the fact that if you set the controls to work for one, that setting wouldn't work for the other. so why have them both in one box? at that point, i'd rather have two separate smaller boxes with dedicated controls....


Wow, I quess it won't change then. I never really heard from anyone who used it. Still it may be cool to have options with that pedal. Thanks.

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