Sold Pedals @ REDUCED Workingman's Prices: Simble, VL Trem, Mini Fuzz, more...


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I am motivated to sell these, so prices have been reduced! All prices are PP/shipped in the Lower 48.

Selling off unused pedals that have been gigged very gently in order to keep my album project alive. Not looking for trades at this time, thanks. I can send links to more detailed photos if needed. Many excellent transactions on TGP and on eBay as "Fendertwangmeister."

All pedals are in very good to excellent condition. Most have Velcro on the back, and most will be shipped with their original boxes (where indicated).

Thanks for your consideration!

BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost (Good condition, no box): SOLD
Catalinbread Belle Epoch
(Exc. condition, box): SOLD
Dunlop Mini Fuzz Face Silicon
(Exc. condition, box): SOLD
Paul Cochrane Timmy
(Exc. condition, no box): SOLD
Mad Professor Simble
SOD D-Style Overdrive (Exc. condition, box): SOLD
Marshall ED-1
"Edward The Compressor" (Good condition, no box): 35.00
Malekko Omicron Phase
(Exc. condition, box): SOLD
MXR M109 6 Band EQ
(Exc. condition, no box): 55.00 SOLD
TC Electronics Hall Of Fame 4-Knob Reverb
(Exc. condition, box, USB cable): SOLD
Voodoo Labs 4-Knob Tremolo
(VG condition, no box): SOLD


I also have a NYC Pedalboards "Pedalhead" with the optional 19" movable riser in good condition. It's been gigged, and I've replaced the handle and the screws holding one of the hinges. Detailed photos available is desired. 150.00, PP/shipped in the Lower 48. SOLD


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