Pedals that you use for whammy effect (Whammy/PS-3/HOG) Where are they in your chain?


or some other units that are able to do the whammy effect- where do you put them in your chain?

but only if you use them for octave(s) up/down (well, you can use their other functions like delays or harmonizing too, but the whammy effect is obligatory;))



I find the New Whammy has to be first in chain to properly track and feel the guitar.
I've used it in other places and get too much glitching. I use it mostly for 4th/5th harmonizer effects on high gain. Kills. Most try to rock this pedal too much, watch Gilmour slowly move to to an upper octave and back down during a solo, really cool and not the stupid Ummmmaaahhhh, ummmmmweeeee, crap one always hears. A pedal of technique not wah rocking. I perfer the Whammy for shift effect over most of the shifter pedals I have had. It's more musical and easy to use, able to switch presets quickly. I had the first one years ago before anyone was using it, ummmweee all over the place, I stupidly got rid of it and have since gone back and got the new model and it will remain on my board. I love this pedal for the 4th and 5th shifts, I play a lot of Jeff Beck type heavy fusion and this pedal rips your head off as an enhancement during a solo run.


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I use a WH1 regularly and it's always either first, or second, right after a Analogman bi-comp. I find hitting the whammy with the hotter, compressed signal helps it track better.

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