Pedals You Thought Were On Another Level

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  1. hstlaurent

    hstlaurent Supporting Member

    Dec 11, 2012
    Jerms Mk1, Dam Fleshhead and fuzzaround, Pigdog Spaceface and Electric Eye, Cornish NG3, Toneczar Vault, SolaSound MK2

    Toneczar Echoczar

    Toneczar Powerglide

    Treble Boost:
    Pigdog Driver

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  2. tommyd

    tommyd Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2012
    Cleveland, Ohio
    Analogman nkt White dot
    Boss waza vib pedal
    Ventris reverb
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  3. caballero59

    caballero59 Member

    Oct 11, 2016
    Berkeley, supposedly the Minstrel is the Jester sans boost. Do you find them voiced differently, or is it possible the differences akin to how identical Plexi's will sound different?
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  4. BerkeleyJones

    BerkeleyJones Member

    Dec 15, 2014
    The plexi analogy isn't a bad one! In truth, the Minstrel and the Jester are actually different circuits, but they both fall in the medium ish gain category. I find the Jester to be more liquid, smoother; the Minstrel some say is very mid forward, but with the 3-band EQ, can sound like almost any gain structure you'd like to achieve. I find the Minstrel to be more aggressive than the Jester, and it doesn't have the 1 1/2 tubes as the Jester does use for the OD circuit.

    Both pedals are incredibly touch sensitive and dynamic; as such, you can get great clean tones by backing off your pick attack and lowering your git volume. I have a 4 knob dual p90 guitar, so my neck pup on 2-5 is my clean tone and my bridge pup on 7-10 is my crunch/lead tone - a Kingsley always on lends itself well to this approach.
    That probably wasn't so helpful :brick. They can be made to sound similar but the Jester is a smoother voiced pedal.
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  5. rubbersoul

    rubbersoul Member

    May 3, 2008
    My original, big box Radical Red Reverberator from Dr. Scientist is the most on-another-level pedal I've encountered. It just works everytime for me, with everything.
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  6. Voxshall

    Voxshall Member

    Aug 6, 2006
    Biggest lasting impact on me -

    Captain Coconut 2, I just love everything about it, pure joy machine. I saw an old post where someone upgraded the capacitors in there's and I always wanted to try and refind that post, does anyone know anything about this. I think it was gold or yellow caps in the vibe section but this was a long time ago.

    Duellist, I've tried lots of tubescreamer type pedals and didn't like any of them, this is what I always wanted a tube screamer to sound like. And the bb mode is perfect for stacking into my many light gain pedals. I was instantly home with this thing, that's my sound no more need to look at overdrive pedals.

    Gigrig switcher and true tone power supply - these two things took my rig up a level clean power and a good switching system bridged the gap between constantly switching between pedals and going back to plugging straight into the amp, I get to now have it all.
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  7. wye

    wye Member

    Oct 21, 2017
    Analogman Sunface Nkt White Dot
    Hudson Broadcast dual
    Old rounded knob Memory Man
    Old Electric Mistress green letter
    Boss Ce1, Analogman Chorus at 15V
    Vemuram Jan Ray (modded Timmy) in front of Silver/Blackface Fender
    Roland Space Echo
    Moollon Overdrive
    Rodenberg 728Ng in front of Jmp/800 Marshall
    Old Roger Mater Voodoo Vibe, Castledine Vibe
    Hbe Germania
    Tonebender Mk1 (JMI, DAM or Solasound they seem to differ a lot according to the builder) like mk1 way better than other Tonebender variations
    Mxr Script Phaser
    Big Muff Bubble Font
    Shin’s Dumbloid Ods
    Origin Cali 76 (Number 1 for Bass and more compression for guitar), Analogman Ross (using very slight compression for guitar)
    Oxbow Wah
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
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  8. weedzzz

    weedzzz Member

    Oct 24, 2018
    I still find the Jekyll side of a Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde to be the best Tubescreamer sound i’ve played. I know it’s essentially based on a TS-808 and i could probably get nearly the same results with one of those but the J&H just sounds right to me. The Hyde side is pretty bad on it’s own, but run them together and it can be great too.

    I still love the Fuzz Factory. I understand why people don’t but once you learn how to work it properly, how the knobs interact and get the sounds you wan’t, it’s a great pedal.

    Stone Deaf Kliptonite is one of the best pedals i’ve used, due to the ability to blend the drive section and the velctro fuzz section to your tastes. Pretty unique.
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  9. barrym

    barrym Member

    Jun 4, 2008
    I’m missing a lot of good suff for sure but to me Origin Effects compressors, Klon, Fulltone and Spaceman tremolo pedals, Strymon Deco, Castledine Supravibe, Chase Bliss Tonal Recall, Boss Dm2 and One Pot Manantial spring reverb are on a different level.
    They cease to be just “pedals” and blend with amps and guitars in such a musical way.
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  10. captaincoconut

    captaincoconut Member

    Dec 8, 2014
    Howard Gee from Catalinbread did this. Here's his post about what he did:
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  11. Voxshall

    Voxshall Member

    Aug 6, 2006
    You made my day, thank you so much :) I brought an early sunlion today with white dot NKT275's so I'm going to swap the hybrid fuzzcard out for the silicon fuzzcard in the CC2, now I just have to decide where in the chain to put the sunlion, before or after the CC2
  12. undeadxundead

    undeadxundead Member

    Jul 7, 2019
    Westwood, by EQD for me has been a huge game-changer, the only drive that covers a lot of territory without being a clone.

    CBA MOOD is very different, that’s gotten me hip to more of their design, see; Thermae, TR, WV, etc...

    Volante, Found it hard to dig into Strymon I seem to favor the standalone units, this was my first venture into that.

    Zen Drive, amazing.

    Lovetone Meatball & Big Cheese, classics

    KTR all the fuss without the price.

    Whammy,EHX POG(2) (Poly-Octave algos are still hard)

    EQD; Hoof, Spires, Gray Channel, l Erupter, etc.. Fuzz/Drives in general, really giving good takes on Fuzz circuits without becoming redundant. Big fan of Jamie’s designs for this stuff.

    Industrialelectric Incinerator-
    Fuzz, Fuzz Reverb

    Hudson Broadcast

    DBA; Anything, lol.

    Strymon; Aside from Volante I really do enjoy the algos sourced on the now cliched trifecta. Their sounds kind of encapsulate the 2000s emulation.

    Meris; Similar to Strymon, using algorithms to reference particular rack-units like Polymoon. Their Bitcrusher was good.

    Too many to list...

    Stuff on my list:

    CBA: Delays & WV-II
    Red Panda: Particle, Tensor
    H9 (mostly for Reverb & Pitchfactor)
    Drolo Effects: he has some cool stuff I would like to check out.
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  13. Vanilla Latte

    Vanilla Latte Member

    May 9, 2019
    Barber Gain Changer. Its the low to medium drive sound that I've been searching for....
  14. Jaguar

    Jaguar Member

    Mar 14, 2019
    Just what I have now:

    - TC Electronic Spark Booster
    - DOD Looking Glass OD
    - ZVEX Distortron
    - DOD Carcosa fuzz

    But then again I refuse to pay more than €150,- for a pedal...
  15. stanshall

    stanshall Member

    Nov 21, 2009
    in the back of a dream car twenty foot long
    of the ones that have been cited so far, I have the Boss FZ-2, Fulltone Supa Trem, and Lovetone Meatball, and agree that they are superior pedals

    also cited were the HBE Germania treble boost and the Durham Crazy Horse tweed Deluxe Neil sound pedal, and having had them, I agree they were great and I should not have traded them away, one of these days I would like to have them again .....

    a pedal I had but sadly no longer own that I was very impressed with was a Stomp Under Foot Son of a Bee, which is a version of a Roland Bee Baa, that thing was righteous, I want mine back
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  16. Kluch

    Kluch Member

    Mar 24, 2012
    Strymon Bigsky. When it came out it blew my mind the sounds I could get from it. Granted I don't buy a ton of pedals these days and high end reverb pedals have grown in commodity these last few years, but the bigsky still puts a smile on my face
  17. realdealblues

    realdealblues Supporting Member

    Sep 3, 2008
    Moog Minifooger Flanger. Definitely the most versatile Analog Flanger I've ever tried.
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  18. stonecabin

    stonecabin Member

    Oct 23, 2013
    My Nocturnebrain mysterybrain and electronic orange moon vibe are amazing, I'd frankly be lost without them! My Gas FX Drive Thru has seen off many other OD's and my Blackstrap Electrik co Red Sam is just a work of art.
    I've just ordered a Dandrive Aequitas which i expect to be the best germ fuzz face i have, time will tell.

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