Pedals you were hyped up for that ended up being a flop


About a year ago I picked up an old T-Rex Alberta OD. I have a t-Rex replica delay that I love, so I thought getting their OD would probably be worth while (also worth mentioning I was born in Alberta Canada). I waited to find one for a good price that still had a dinosaur on it, pleased with myself I finally picked on up for $100. I pulled my ts808 off and threw it on. Then and hour later took it back off. I still have it, but it just didn’t move the needle. Not saying it’s bad, just not for me. Now I’m curious to hear what “exciting” gear disappointed other people.
Red Panda Tensor...luckily, my friend got one b4 i had a chance to. I still think Red Panda are great pedals, but the Tensor was unfortunately underwhelming considering the potential.


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The Benson Preamp v1. A lot of people seem to love it but I bought and sold it twice and just couldn’t get along with it. It was very amp-like but I’m normally looking for a subtle, if not more outright, fattening from a dirt pedal and it just always sounded kind of scooped


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Back in the pre-internet days when I was a wee lad, my cousin (who was much better than me at guitar) told me that the DOD Grunge was the bee's knees.

More like the bee's anus. Buzzing around in a tin can.

More recently?

I've wanted the BD-2 to work for me. My buddy has one and he sounds great with it. I can't find the sweet spot. It's either too cloudy or too shrill.

Probably user error, but I'll be damned if I hayvent tried multiple times with no luck.


Strymon Dig. I really wanted to like it, but my DD-500 sounded WAY better for clean repeats. I had them on the same board for a week, kept going back and forth to hear the differences. Every time I preferred the sound of the DD-500. Sold the Dig soon after (still have a Timeline, though, which I also think sounds a lot better than the Dig).
not a standalone pedal, but Fender's digital expression pedal that comes with the new Mustang & Rumbles
There's no Zero on the damn thing, for instance if you want to tie the pitch-shifter effect to the pedal, you can't get back to Zero shift with your foot. It's a big flaw IMHO & part of the reason I sold my Studio Rumble.
well that, & the FACT that Fender did zilch about it, & wouldn't even respond about the issue on their own damn forum!

The truth is I haven't even given Fender products a glance since.


For me, it was a red mini pedal from BBE with a name that rhymes with, uh, Phonic Swamp.
Maybe it had to do with my particular guitar's pickups and my amp, but I could not hear it doing anything.
Fortunately, I had purchased it on Amazon and was able to return it the very next day in Like-New condition for a full refund. I am hopeful that this lesson taught me to never again be so quick to get enthused over hype. From then on, I knew that if I cannot try a pedal out myself, I have to check out some really good pedal demo videos before considering a purchase.
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