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Pedals you're not going to sell because you'll just buy them again and again


Silver Supporting Member
Some pedals I've sold to chase the next shiny new thing but they keep coming back onto my board while the shiny new thing is long gone and forgotten. Why not just keep them this time?
  • Timmy (I'm on my fourth)
  • Rat (I'm on my 6th with a Mooer Black Secret)
  • Deluxe Memory Man (I'm not selling it even once—duh!)
  • Fuzz Factory (had the original, just got the fat and it's not going anywhere)
  • Echorec-style delay (currently, I have—and love!—the Boonar, but I've had 3 or 4 previously)
  • Hot Cake (about to buy my fourth)
  • Barber Direct Drive (about to buy my second)
Why do I do this to myself? I always sell at a loss and then pay dearly to get them back. :dunno


I’m taking a break on selling any pedals. Things go in cycles and then there is always the unsuspected scenario. For example, I sold, practically dumped!, all of my MIAB pedals because I was gearing up for situations based more around less rock. Then an opportunity for a classic rock gig popped up and here I am ordering a Pinnacle Deluxe this morning.


EVH Flanger, MXR Phase 90, Strymon Timeline, Stryomon Mobius, Suhr Koko Boost, Wampler EGO Compressor, Bogner Ecstasy Blue.
My main board has a Fractal FX8 on it and I can get pretty much everything these pedals do from it but these have been my mainstays for quite a while now...


I have not done this... yet... but I sorely REGRET selling some pedals. I can't bring myself to buy them back though. I'm trying to learn to trust that there's a reason I sold them and just let it be.


Silver Supporting Member
‘99 DEM ‘reissue’ is a central piece of what I do. Nothing else sounds quite like it, even though it’s noisy and large.

Strymon El Cap: gotta have tape delay. Can’t afford purchase + upkeep of tape delay machine.
It’s built solid, easy to control, plays well, fits on the board.

Ibanez FL-301: perfect for bass flange tones (I’m not a bassist, I just play one in my demos) It’s on all my demos. It was $65. It’s sturdy. Noisy? Yes. Great tone, esp. for bass? Yes.

DOD Carcosa fuzz: versatile. Fun. Bright, but that can be tamed.


Every time the price gets out of hand I contemplate selling my Klon KTR but I don't. I like the pedal but I wouldn't be willing to pay more than retail for it and it seems they cost much more than retail most of the time. Taking a loss selling something is one thing but paying double to buy it back is not happening.


Silver Supporting Member
As far drive pedals go:

  • Benson Preamp
  • Analogman KOT
  • 1981 Inventions DRV
  • Kingsley Harlot
  • Timmy

All five get rotated on and off my board and I know if I sell one of them I'll be looking to buy a replacement eventually. I can't fit all five and I can't pick just two. No point in selling them.


Platinum Supporting Member
Hmmm, can’t even understand the language you are using o_O Why in the world would I sell an incredible pedal to chase something else? I keep incredible and buy other pedals I think are incredible. This is like that old fable of the dog seeing its reflection. There is no way I give up great to chase.

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Silver Supporting Member
JHS Morning Glory and Caroline Meteore. Sold my first of each and decided the second 2 wouldn’t ever leave my board


I've never bought the same pedal twice. I'd get the DD-2 again, but only if I got a great deal on it.


Silver Supporting Member
i've had two or three big box fulltone soulbenders and 3 electro harmonix polychorus pedals including the XO. I am looking for a fourth if i can find a big box version for a reasonable price. I've also had a couple vintage memory man delays.... never selling my current one because i'm gonna be hunting for another shortly after. all three of those pedals are super unique and nothing else out there does what they do.

i've also had every boss delay from dd2 up to dd8. every time i've let one go i miss the boss delay sound. they just work so well and sound really good.

Steve Y.

I haven't really sold any yet, even though they sit collecting dust. I know I'll take a loss on them and fear that someday in some future state of boredom I might possibly want to pull one out of storage to see if it hits my ears any differently (but likely ultimately decide I still don't like it and put it back in the drawer yet don't want to sell it for fear that someday....)

Prime example - I have a ProCo Rat2 which was the first 'real' distortion pedal I bought. I really don't enjoy the way that pedal sounds with any of my current guitar+amp combinations. But on some level I feel like "I should have a Rat", like it's a guitarist rite of passage or something. Meanwhile it sits leaned against the wall on a decorative white shelf in my music room. It's an $80 decoration. Here's the thing - I just spent $25 on another decorative white shelf to display ~6 other pedals that I don't use but can't bring myself to sell.


Silver Supporting Member
Keeping my Timmy and PTD pedals...Minibone and Deuxplex. Also will keep this old friend that I've had for nearly 20 years...modded by an old friend here at the forum almost that long ago.

Only the Timmy could be easily replaced, but I'll be keeping mine anyway.



Digitech polara on #2
Way huge green rhino #2
Probably won't move the V2 dookie drive as well.

Gera RG

Silver Supporting Member
JAM RetroVibe
Skreddy Lunar Module
Strymon El Capistan
Meris Polymoon

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