Pedaltrain accessorizing? Whatcha got?


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I think it's a great idea. I've got a Whammy that is eating up way too much space, and I only use it occasionally. Sure, I could just put it on the floor, but I have the transformer mounted underneath my PT-1, so I'd like the pedal to be 'attached' to the board when I am using it. That would make a lot of room for some more stomp-on goodies. :D

Speaking of which, here is a little 'accessorizing/modding' I did: Hid the power supply for the Whammy underneath. Bought some lamp cord and small ends to create a short cord. Drilled a hole for the cable to come through underneath. The cap is on to cover the convenience outlet normally, I just removed it to show the AC plug. I also added some wire clamps that snap shut. So I can keep the cabling neat and not dragging, and it eliminates having to cut ties every time I change something on the board.

Wow! That is a great idea! I have a Nova Delay that really cant get enough mA from a PP2+ and I would like to do the same to power that guy.

I dont use zip ties on the bottom of my board but use some velcro on the bottom of pedals and some stuck to the bottom of the board. Then I get double sided velcro tape about 3/4 inch wide and wrap the cables and stick the velcro wrap to the velcro on the bottom of the board. It is nice and neat and super easy to change should you add a new pedal.


People are giving Wolf Child a lot of flack for his response, but there were some pretty needlessly harsh comments about his product. Saying you don't get it is one thing, saying it's a bleeping stupid product without having ever even tried it is another.


When I first saw the pedal pal and the microphone stand attached to the pedaltrain, my first reaction was, like others "what's the point" and what a useless invention. But thanks to tonewave's comments I immediately realized the practicality of both mods.

I am not a pro or gigging musician and don't know what it's like to play on a stage that required a fast set up. But I often work as a stage hand at an auditorium and theatre so I do know what it's like having to change a stage in minutes, to keep a show on schedule or flowing. This reminds me of how I have to wait for players, who don't even have a pedal board, set up their 2 or 3 pedals before I can move mic stands and other things into position; it can feel like an eternity when the pace of the show is important to however is running it. The pedal pal and the attachable mic stand would definitely make life a lot easier for us stage crew! Kudos to both ideas!
I did the mic stand thing to solve a very specific issue I was having (stage space). It also takes a little less time to set up than a regular stand, and is a LOT more stable than any mic stand I've ever tried, which is a nice ancillary benefit.

I love the thing!


I made a little mod. It's just a box for the pedal board out and a 1 Spot input. Puts a 1/4 jack on the front panel. Neatens everything up:



Back to the original theme of the thread.....

We play on some pretty small stages, so I modded a cheapo mic stand base to mount on my PT2. It is rock solid, and fits in the HC.

I like the way this one was done a lot. I had the same concept but used the hardware from the seat of a cheap drum stool to hold the stand.


I've got a pick dispenser on the front and a This1smyne mini-buffer velcro'd under the back corner as an input.

The naked view:



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Wolf Child nice job!! Are you planning on doing the modular add-on to the rear of the PTs w/ the flat mounting surface? I'm a DIYer w/ my pedalboards, but I always thought that the PTs have an endless possibility w/ mods to them. Nice work!!

Wolf Child

Thank you!

I have a special interlocking handle system that I'm working on currently but I do have a few other plans as well.


I think that's a pretty good idea with the black on black and no huge logo. I have alot of BIG pedals and it's hard for me to put them all on my board....and I hate having them on the floor. So this basically gives you a little more room while staying neat.


any chance of doing a "quarter-wide" or something??? i really like this idea, but 7" of width is a bit much for my purposes.

ha-ha! you're barely out of the gate and your pedal pal is taking on the pedaltrain complaint... "i wish pedaltrain would make X and XX sizes"!

but at any rate, i think its a good idea. if you ever get into cuttin' some custom sizes, please let me know and i'll happily take one off of your hands.

best o' luck sir.


Wolchild, those new pedal pals look good.

Thing is, If I have a PT2 how am I going to carry one of those loaded with pedals???

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