Pedaltrain Mini for my Princeton Reverb...Suggestions??


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Just what the title says...

I'm going to get a pedaltrain mini to go with my Princeton Reverb for the smaller gigs/sessions I've been doing lately. I'd like to save myself from having to bring my large board around due to stage space, weight, and overall ease of setup.

I don't need reverb or trem for obvious reasons. I'd like ideas or suggestions on which particular boxes will work best for my application. The following effects are what I'm considering. Quick background: I play a lot of alt-country, folk rock, and R&R. Tonal influences include:

Rolling Stones
Ryan Adams
Black Crowes

- A nice OD that will match up well with the Princeton. I'm semi-interested in the Fulldrive 2 or equivalent, so maybe some sort of TS-type. (FWIW I have a Timmy on my main board)
- 600ms delay. MXR Carbon Copy?
- Fuzz. I have a Sunlion on my main board. Should I get another GE fuzz, or Si? It would be a big plus if it stacked well with the OD.

Price is a big factor. Again, this is going to be a more grab-n-go board than anything else.

Oh, and on the other end of the Princeton, there will be a Fender Tele and a Teye La Mora.



I was thinking of making a small second board with pedals that I am currently in the process of kicking off my main board (all good pedals, just trying some different things).

So I was going to go: Fulldrive2 Mosfet, MXR Classic 108 Fuzz (or Monsterpiece MkII), EHX Small Clone, and a Carbon Copy (or Hardwire DL8). And maybe a Pitchblack.

That would rock pretty good I reckon.

Angle Loss

For your style I would definitely check out the Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret. There are youtube videos showing it through a PR. I just got one to use with my PR and PNR that I have really enjoyed so far. Nails so Black Crowes and Led Zep type tones.


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I would suggest the Lovekraft Mojo Drive for the TS flavor.
Get on the list for a Timmy for an open sounding od/boost. (Edit, didn't see that you own one in your post.)
The Malekko 600B is an awesome analog delay. Much better than the Carbon Copy. I owned them both at the same time and they are in different league, IMHO.
After that, maybe a nice phaser if you want some swirl.
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For a princeton for cheap-ish?

BBE Free Fuzz
Catalinbread Dirty Lil Secret or Hyperpak (The DLS sounds marshally, the Hyperpak does a great stonesy clean-up thing with a Princeton)
BBE Green Screamer or Digitech Bad Monkey
Carbon Copy
Korg PitchBlack

You might be able to squeeze one more pedal on there as well.


I'm doing exactly the same as you; a pedaltrain mini for a PRRI. I've decided on:
Subdecay Prometheus->DrScientist Frazz Dazzler->Catalinbread DLS->Midfi Pitch Pirate->Malekko 600B

I think the Catalinbread and Malekko would be well suited for your style. For fuzz, I've always been tempted by the Analogman Peppermint Fuzz. I don't know if that would be too much gain.


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Hard to beat a Quattro and a pitchblack. By the time you add in the cost of the pedaltrain, power supply and all the individual pedals, it's a great deal and built like a tank. The most recent ones have chorus in place of tremelo. Probably not what you're fishing for, but a great unit. The GP review a few years ago was very favorable as well.



Great thread!
I also have a vintage Princeton Reverb and a Tele, and my style is pretty similar to yours; my suggestion would be:
- Mojo Hand Mule as your raw overdriven tone
- Pro Analog MKIII as your fuzz (but it's super versatile as it can go from a boost to an old school distortion, to a complete fuzz)
- Maxon AD-900 as your warm analog 600ms delay

With your volume control on the guitar and a little fantasy in setting/stacking the first two pedals, you can get almost everything, and it sounds scary good.

These 3 pedals came to my mind, but there are a ton of others that did the same trick for me with that rig. You can always ask here for other alternatives.
Good luck and let us know what do you choose!



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I'm in a similar boat as well, except the Mini I want to put together is for a '68 Princeton NR - so a bit cleaner in the amp department.

I am thinking of:
BYOC OD2 or FD2 or CMATMODS Signa Drive
Carbon Copy
CMMATMODS compr or BYOC 5 knob
EH Nano Small Stone


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I ordered a Dirty Little Secret this morning from Catalinbread!

I'll probably pick up a Pitchblack next, as a tuner and OD are the most important to me right now.

Thanks for the info guys! Keep it coming!

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