Sold Pedaltrain PT-2 w/ Voodoo Lab PP2+


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Pedaltrain PT-2 w/ soft case. Heavy Duty Velcro (not the stock stuff) neatly applied, Voodoo Lab PP2+ properly mounted and ready to go. Both were bought new in 2015 and have never been gigged--just used in the bedroom and taken to a friend's house to jam about three times. No broken zippers, no major scratches or dents. Oh, and I'll include extra power cables like a voltage doubling y (18v or 24v), y-splitter (2x 9v), reverse polarity (for Moog, etc) and daisy chain (5x9v). Lots of flexibility here. I could also include an assortment of Hosa patch cables in 6", 12, and 18" lengths for an extra $25. Everything is in excellent condition and goes for $320 new, not including the extra power cables. Selling for SOLD on

Downsizing my rig and going to a PT Nano+/Cioks power supply, so need to sell!

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