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Pelican Case vs. ATA


Im looking for a road worthy case for my Morgan AC-20 Deluxe head and Im thinking of going the Pelican case route. My theory is having a case with a little extra room for cables, mics and other stuff as well as being water and dust proof could be a good investment. I have normal road cases for my other amps that I take on the road and they work just fine, but im curious to see if the pelican would be a better option.


Bruce Clement

Platinum Supporting Member
Pelican cases are great. I think if ATA cases were invented today, they would not be made of p-lam covered plywood, strips of aluminum and rivets. They would be strong molded plastic. Plywood cases are ubiquitous because they can be readily made by just about anyone, which you cannot say about plastic, which requires huge investment in molds.

In practical terms, I like Pelican cases because they tend to do less damage to walls and other things they bump into. Otherwise, plywood cases are fine. And they look cool. ;)

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