People still using their original RC Boosters?

I notice the new Henderson and V2 models gaining many fans, and likely for good reasons. But, even with these updated versions around, I know there must be several who are more than happy with the plain ol' white originals, despite their age and relative lack of features.

I just received my very first one in the mail yesterday, never tried one before, and I'm loving it so far. It resides happily next to my BB Preamp, working as a gain boost for the BB, as well as a very light boost on its own. I've got an EP Booster clone that I've used in front of the BB, to kick the latter into thick OD, perhaps I'll start using all three...

But those who use the classic RC Booster, how are you using yours? Would love to see pics of your pedal boards, to get some ideas.


Happy user here. I use my classic RC at the end of my chain, as a boost. Love it. Can't see taking it off any time soon. I have 2, and an EP as well.

Live Rig Chain — Guitar > TU2 > Wampler Ego > Rockett .45 > Rockett iKon > Xotic Henderson > Xotic RC > Catalinbread Belle Epoch > Amp (Strymon Timeline/BigSky in the loop)

Sometimes I'll push with more gain; sometimes it's a clean boost. As a clean boost the gain is at about 9 o'clock. To get more crunch, anywhere from 11 to 2 o'clock. The Henderson offers 2 more levels of gain, as you'd expect.

delay dude

I really like my RC (though I didn´t like the AC). I use it right in front of my deluxe memory boy. For a light boost with girth. It replaced my Boss FA-1 clone.

Gar B

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Use mine to get jazz tones from a telecaster with 1 step, without needing to mess with amp set for more standard tones.


I've used my off and on for the last 10 years, mostly on my board (although at the time it's "off" my board). Mostly just use it as a little clean boost early in the chain. I prefer it on the cleaner side and in front of other pedals. Whenever I boosted the RC with other pedals before it, I didn't like the break-up too much. Great pedal though, I'll never sell it.

Tim Bowen

I haven't bought a pedal or other gear in over three years, but the one stomp that has tempted me most is the RC v2 or SH model.

My old white RC hasn't come off my board since I got it 10-12 years ago, and it gets gigged weekly. I have used it as a last-in-gain-chain, always-on stomp with a variety of electric guitars and tube amps in the past.

These days it remains last among gainers, is almost always on, and gets used as master volume & tone for pretty much every instrument that I play live: standard & high-string acoustic-electric guitars, A-E mandolin, electric banjo, lap steels, Hammond melodion, electric sitar, everything. The taper of controls is so smooth and predictable, and I've been using it live for so long, that matching outputs between various instruments, as well as getting a tone that I like from each of them, is very quick and easy. The settings look like they sound, if that makes any sense. It's one of my all time favorite pedals.


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I have the Scott Henderson RC, but I rarely kick in the second stage. It's nice to have it on tap, but a standard RC is all I really need.

But that copper... :)


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Hasn't left my board since I got it about 10 years ago (?). It's the last pedal in my chain, used to push my Splawn over the top. I haven't cared to look for another boost since and I don't need more gain or whatever the new options are. I just use mine with volume almost full, gain about 9:00, and dial out a little treble & bass.


Yeah, what @joelba said.

I use the RC as a 'less clean' tone. With the gain at 10 or 11 o'clock, my clean amp sounds like it's at the edge of breakup, without any volume increase. Kind of hard to describe, but the only other pedal I've had that comes close to that quality is the Timmy.

At any rate, I sold my old white RC as soon as the RC SH came out. However, I still haven't figured out a use for the second gain channel. I would much rather have the second footswitch be a straight up volume boost instead. Having seen Scott Henderson use one live, it makes perfect sense for him, but I need to play really clean most of the time.


I have one and automatically use it with BF amps. Funnily enough I don't care for it with Marshalls.

Best, Pete.


I actually use an old white one and a SH version. I use them at the end of my chain after my delays and reverbs and I have one for each channel L&R. They are both always on and are actually under my board because I never turn them off. I only really got the SH because it was the same price as a new white one when I bought it so I figured why not. I use them with the gain at 0 bass, treble, and volume depend on the guitar. There is definately something magic about that circuit IMO.
I use mine as a clean boost in the loop for leads. Works well for that. Very transparent. Gain at 0, eq to taste, roll off the bass a bit, bump the treble to 2 o'clock, volume 1-2 o'clock.
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yes - I use it turned up for edge-of-breakup tone, it's very good at that - I use a Durham Sex Drive for a clean boost.


I've had the first SH model since it came out, and I also now have the v2 SH model RC. I've always used the RC as a clean boost for solos towards the end of my chain, and sometimes in the effects loop. With the v2, I leave it on as a buffer/active EQ to add some depth to my base sound and dial in highs/lows as needed. Then I'll use the second switch for solo boosts.

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