People who don't care if the neck and body match on a '58 Strat ;)


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Perspective, at 8:15 he said this:
- How many times has this guitar been taken apart?
- Exactly zero times, I don't care what the ****ing neck thing is, I don't care what the pot codes are, what kind of '58...

I really enjoyed the entire video - if you have time, I know most of you will too:


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Wow that was great. He seems like a great guy too. I know nothing about him at all.


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While I don't own a single thing that would be worthy of JB's collection, and I get it. Very cool video. That's a guy who gets it - they are there ultimately to make music, not to sit under a glass case.


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Thanks, also, for posting that. Pretty cool. Sooo much eye candy. I gotta go practice.
Wow that was great. He seems like a great guy too. I know nothing about him at all.

I'm a new guitar plays (former drummer) and recently discovered Bonamassa.

In a nut shell. Comes from upstate New York, his Father collected guitars and had guitar store, Joe is not married, I mean what chick would put up with his gear addiction (maybe he should marry a chick guitarist like Nina Strauss), was a guitar prodigy at an early age, shared the stage as a child with BB King, Danny Gatton and few others, hooked up with a manager as a teenager, joined a rock band as a teenager with famous kid musician's but didn't fit in, the manager stuck with Joe instead of the band, Joe was not a singer until he left that band then for 2 years learned how to sing, the manager is still with him today, the rest is history. He's got grammy's, sells out all over the World. Even if you're not a fan of music and want to see million dollar guitars on stage go see him in concert.

For those who would like to read the full story of that 1958 Flying V with Joe on a plane with the guitar in the seat next to him here you go.


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Great when he says this is what happens when there's no authority figure saying "stop"!

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