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People who flat out lie about their gear/music background?


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What proof do you have that he was lying? I think this thread should be more about finger pointing.
It happens. I got hired to take over mixing sound for a Pink Floyd tribute show, and the previous guy told me he'd been on tour with the real PF. I took a bottle of red wine to his place and after we were deep into the stories he was telling were outlandish, pretty much impossible. I went from believing him to feeling very skeptical, then he takes me into the corridor of his home studio and it's just completely covered with tour crew passes, photos, signed records, etc.
It was all true.

I also had a guitar set up once and we were talking about string gauges and she mentioned working with Jimmy Page to put together light string sets way back in the day and showed me a photo of the two of them together. She also mentioned that she worked with other bands including the Beatles, and I have no reason to doubt her . Also the setup was perfect :)


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I ran into this today. Went to get my oil changed. This really old guy is there that I haven't seen before. (I live in the middle of nowhere). He sees I have a Gretsch shirt on and asks if I play guitar. Immediately, he starts telling me the tallest tales.

-Oh yeah, I've got a lot of guitars. Some Fender Custom shops and stuff.
-A 58 Les Paul
-A 59 Les Paul
-A Super 400
-A 58 Tele
-a 56 Jazzmaster
-Over a dozen vintage Martin guitars

Then he starts talking about how he played with Bob Dylan, Duane Allman, Chet Atkins, blah blah. He's a personal friend of Bob Taylor (who now lives in Atlanta??? HUH?)

Then I ask him what amps he plays and he shoots me a real curve ball.

"OHHHH I only play Fender Hot Rods."

Then he tells me about the 1994 Gretsch Tennessean he just got for $7500. Huh? I wanted to ask who took him to the cleaners on that one.....

Also, why is this 68 year old working at an oil shop if he's got a 59 Les Paul in his studio?

He just kept on and on. By the end of it, I felt kind of sad. The first 10 minutes of the convo, I almost wanted to believe some of it until I started to realize he was a professional smoke blower.
If you watch your calories and quit that smoking drinking partying and other stuff You too could be 68 with a bunch of cool guitars.
But from one old guy to another. Yep that's crap.
I remember teaching at a music store in the late 70s. One of the salesmen and I were discussing albums we were listening to then, and I brought up an album by Bonnie & Delaney. The sales guy goes “Oh yeah, Stu Delaney, I played some gigs with him”....with a straight face.
Only trouble with his story is Delaney is the first name of Delaney Bramlett.
I was never quite sure who Stu Delaney might be....


When I was 12, I joined The Who because Pete Townshend quit, and I did do all the guitar playing on “Who’s Next”. After that, I re-joined Led Zep because some hack named Page couldn’t cut the mustard. From there I joined ABBA and never looked back. Did I mention I own a mansion and a yacht?


I remember teaching at a music store in the late 70s. One of the salesmen and I were discussing albums we were listening to then, and I brought up an album by Bonnie & Delaney. The sales guy goes “Oh yeah, Stu Delaney, I played some gigs with him”....with a straight face.
Only trouble with his story is Delaney is the first name of Delaney Bramlett.
I was never quite sure who Stu Delaney might be....
Oh yeah, I used to gig with Clapton.

Tim Clapton, decent drummer.


Well, the OP should at the least wait until I get banned from the forum before insulting my prized possessions, dammit!

(I think it's the same with guys and cars. oh, and fishing lol)


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Some people might remember around here there was a member who would post at harmony central and I think here his playing. He was ridiculously good and fluid. Eventually we all figured him out since he looked nothing like the actual artist who turned out to be Guthrie Govan.
I can say categorically, all the clips I post here are my own.

For some reason no one has ever questioned that. Hmmmmmm
I once had a plumber come to my house to fix the kitchen sink and once he saw one of my guitars he started to tell me he's best friends with Roger Waters and they go fishing together all the time.
I can't even.
If he started talking about chalk streams and flies he may not have been fibbing. Fly fishing is still a big thing among the rockocracy. I have a very posh titled chum who fishes with all sorts (he was briefly my roadie; don't ask, it's the sort of story that would irritate everyone on this thread) whether it is working-class country dwellers or specialist hobbyists or Roger Daltrey, he fishes with them all; and it's a very specialised world. A few years ago I was staying at his place in Yorkshire and I was cooking for everyone and he had a chum over...not a musician, but from what I gathered, the most important and significant fly fisherman in the country. Treated like Mick Jagger in his pomp - deferred to, asked his opinions... the whole nine yards. It was like a visit from the Archbishop.

I don't fish and I don't shoot. But Fra does have two good, large libraries in his house, and complete records of the shoots etc; so whenever I get an invitation, I do my best to go. You would really.

And I just couldn't resist telling folk either. :confused: Adds to the gaiety of nations I suppose. And my own sense of self-importance, obvs.
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The Picasso thing is actually not that unrealistic. He is said to have produced about 50,000 pieces of art including drawings, paintings, and sculptures and was making stuff through his final days in the 1970s. People were buying them for less than custom shop fenders and gibsons for a time. Picassos are not by any means rare and its not unusual to meet someone who has one, although i suspect that there are many out there that are not genuine.
I have a Picasso woodblock print I bought from the sale of art from a staid old British Oil Company that the company I worked for took over. It's worth less than a US Custom Shop Fender but it's my little prize.
I was playing a gig on the beach at Windansea, La Jolla and this dude with a hot chick comes up & says he'd like to sit-in and play a couple Trower tunes....says he was Robin Trower's drummer. Robb Crosby (one of our guitar players) looks over at me, shrugs his shoulders and I say "fine, go for it...".
Turns out it was Bill Lordan, Robin Trower's drummer...He was red hot... lol
So, you just never know....
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dave b-4

A guy who works in my community’s housekeeping department and does setups in the rehearsal room for my big band told me he was once a member of Heart. Searching that group’s history has failed to disclose anyone who meets his description.

He doesn’t claim to have any exotic gear—in fact quite the opposite.

holy crap! I was just starting reading this thread and was going to get to the end of it before I posted this...

then I saw this post, Danny W....

A guy in our summer park (trailers on a lake) claims to have been an early drummer in Heart.

Now, I have played with him and he’s really good. Nice feel and timing. Could have been pro.

but nowhere can I find record of him being in Heart.

Might have been, who knows?

how oddly specific that folks are throwing out Heart membership references...

Myself, I did pee next to the lead singer of 'Moist' in the mid 90's (look them up, relatively popular Canadian band from that time.)

Highway Man

I know a guy who is a total fantasist in this sense.

He once told a story of how he overheard a group of men in a bar talking about a fantastic jazz guitarist they’d heard in a club months ago, so he leans over to ask if they knew the guitarist’s name, and they all looked at him, mouths agape, in shock, as they realised it was him.
He’s not a fantastic jazz guitarist, in fact, he’s not a jazz guitarist at all.

He also claims all his guitars are worth ‘thousands’. If he paid thousands for each one, he’s a fool because none are anything higher-end than an American Standard/Professional Fender.

I feel sorry for him.

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