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People you were surprised to find out were good on guitar


Bob Tench, who sang on I’m Going Down with Jeff Beck played lead guitar with Van Morrison on Wavelength.
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Melissa Etheridge is an excellent player.

Sarah MacLauchlan is quite at home on guitar and piano.


Sean Lennon, I saw GOASTT a while back at Brooklyn Bowl, I knew he'd be decent but yeah, I was surprised at how good he was but then I thought well he is Lennons kid so go figure...

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Cody Dickinson. Everybody knows that Luther Dickinson is a beast on guitar, but his brother Cody, drummer for the North Mississippi Allstars, is a surprisingly good guitarist as well.


Yeah! It’s like Al Di Meola, John McGlaughlin fast alternate picking. Very impressive.
His variety show was on when I was a kid, and I found his playing mesmerizing - one of the reasons I became interested in guitar. I'm still not a good player, lol, but that's OK - I enjoy it anyway.

Another freakishly good player from that era/genre was Roy Clark. There's video out there of them playing together - kinda dueling - where they show off terrifically.

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Winwood is well beyond a good player, he’s an excellent verging on great guitarist. As well as being one of the best rock B-3 players around, and as you said, a great singer.

Here’s one of my favorites - the 2007 Crossroads festival, when Winwood blows a mostly-unsuspecting crowd away:
Man, does that ever hit the spot. What an excellent show that must have been to see live.


Christopher Cross

Jeff Berlin - I know, it seems obvious - legendary fusion bass player, why not? But I didn't really ever think about it until I saw him and Vinnie Moore do a show together. At one point Vinnie picked up the bass, Jeff picked up the guitar, and they ripped through some fusion-era Jeff Beck. Berlin was great playing Freeway Jam.

Jerry Reed - I knew him as an actor before I knew he played guitar. Then discovered that he didn't JUST play guitar. Holy cow, he PLAYED GUITAR!

For ***** & giggles, John Mayer. I mean for a long time I thought he was all that schmaltzy "Your Body is a Wonderland" and "Daughters" and his voice was so annoying - like a whispery SRV, yuck - that I just didn't listen to his stuff. Then I saw him on a live video and was like "Oh, ok, wow." Then I picked up the Trio album and heard the title track "Try!" and loved it. THen I heard "Gravity" and thought "Oh, I get it now. It's like SRV's Lenny, but somehow more palatable for the masses" which trivializes it, but there you go.


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Only found out relatively recently that Christopher Cross was such a good player and actually played the cool solo on Run like the Wind (which I always assumed was done by a studio pro)

also he owned SRV's No.1 strat before SRV, which, makes him super-cool in my book !!!!

Who else has surprised you ?
One of the last pre-COVID live shows I attended was a tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the White Album. Here's CC from 3 rows back.

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