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Pet peeves when watching gear videos


I have a few pet peeves when watching gear videos.Maybe you can add yours.
1: overly long in your face intro leaders with full blast music.No need to hammer down your brand with such aggression.i'm just put off.2:drawn out personal info.It's not about you, it's about the gear.3:Spending too much time on specs.We can get that from other places.4: demo-ing effects through obscure instruments/amps.People need a reference point.5:people trying to be funny who are not and going on a tangent (you know who they are).6:statements that are too general, like 'this pedal has a great overdrive and can be used with any amp'.That tells you exactly nothing.Explain exactly WHY and under which conditions.7:Maxing out an effect with limited variables, thrashing out mushy note porridge.Sorry, i can't hear the effect/amp, you are in the way.8: using too many effects when demo-ing an amp.Do you really need to put your guitar through a chorus into a delay into a reverb to highlight the fine points of an amp? No you don't.9: Doing your demo in shorts and socks (or even barefeet).10:when demo-ing OD/distortion effects, cranking the gain/drive and leaving it.At some point all distortion pedalsvstart to sound the same. I'd like to hear it on minimum with turning the drive up in stages to listen to EQ and distortion changes.

Anything to add?


Rambling with out content has me bailing on a demo vid so fast.
If they are otherwise good I *might* search the vid timeline for the actual content I'm after, but I have no patience for it.
You can do a lot of explanation, but it has to be done with purpose - history or functionality or utility (how you employed this or variations of this thing before).

Pete thorn keeps my attention.
pro guitar shop does as well.
JHS - great example of explanation with focus; you can tell he works through the dialogue beforehand or at least cuts the bs out in edit.


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I generally dont complain about free videos on the internet. I'm just glad we're living in an age where we can have references like this. I'm appreciative of anyone who puts work into something to help others. And honestly, there are so many preferences out there, its impossible to make everyone happy. I'm just glad we get what we get.


Never get this type of threads. Youtube is video sharing service, where everybody can post their videos, and everybody feel free to search and watch whatever he or she wants.

If you can do better, please, do it.
If you want professional demos, please, use search.

What's the point of "top 10 things, that I hate about other people work"?



Long brand splash intros.

... do note that youtube rewards channels that are just over ten minutes with more advertising money. So channels try to ramble enough to fill up ten minutes with what otherwise might be two minutes of content.


Silent Sound

What bothers me most is they often don't show or describe their recording setup. Like there's a huge difference in tone between an sm57 close mic'ed to the center and close mic'ed to the edge of a speaker. And that's not even taking into account things like an LDC about 10 feet away in an empty room verses a closed mic'ed ribbon. The difference can make an amp sound nasal, congested, and harsh or boomy, flubby, and dull. It might sound great in the recording, but terrible in real life. Or it might sound terrible in the recording and great in real life. In all honesty, they're less about the gear and more about the person's recording ability.

That's why, unless they're A/B'ing a ton of gear, some of which I'm intimately familiar with and can use as a personal reference point, I don't use gear videos for any decision making processes. It's more of a "what's new and might be worth further exploration" type of thing than a "How does it sound and should I buy it" type of thing.


I remember back in the day when all we really had for quality demos were PGS. Even their first couple years of demos had sound quality complaints until they upgraded their equipment. Most other demos were done with cell video. Now, I don't really get annoyed at bad demos, I can just skip to another since we actually have options these days. I can usually tell the quality of the demo by the thumbnail, anyway.


• Extremely talented players like Mike and Pete who play actual songs, or loop themselves and overdub. I love their playing, but hey. How well Mike can cop Robben Ford has nothing to do with why I might want that overdrive.
• This is more me than them, but the only thing I’m looking for in any drive pedal of any kind ~ clean boost through fuzz ~ is how it sounds with the gain off, and how it changes as it is slowly rolled up, PLUS how interactive/reactive it is with the guitar’s volume control.
If they even bother to demo the pedal at low gain settings, they still fail to show if and how it sounds rolling the guitar volume knob. Then they’re twisting up the gain to “see what this baby can do”. Don’t they know they only sound like the noises coming out of the next stall in the walmart men’s room?
mainly for me too much talking especially in the intro. The pro guitar shop / reverb guy bugs me cause he doesn’t use a pick. And most of the time I do. Just dosent sound the same just using your fingers. Trying to be too funny and goofy, you know who they are. Too short a demo or too long. The only two I like are in order of preference, Brett king man the Australian guy. He always has really good sound quality. Demos are just long enough and he demonstrates the full ranges of pedals. Then Pete thorn.

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