Pete Cornish G-2/ NB and Gary Moore's old Melody Maker with a '59 PAF


This was from a gig our band did.
Pete was using a G-2 and NB through
a Top Hat Club Royale.

I kid you not about the guitar.
Pete used to play in the Australian band: James Freud and the Radio Stars.
They were recording in England in the 80's
and he saw the 'used Melody Maker' guitar for sale
in an old English rock magazine (NME???)
The address was the office for Jet Records,
the label that Gary was signed with at the time.
The price was listed, but not the owner.

Pete arrived at Jet Records to meet the owner
who had the guitar and case in his hand.
Yep- he bought it personally from Gary Moore
for cash on the day- at a complete bargain price
to boot!
Needless to say- he will never sell it.

You'd have to agree,
that combo sounds amazing even through a camera mike.
Sorry for disclosing what wasn't in your youtube clip details mate-
but it is an amazing story
about an amazing guitar
from a legendary player.

Did I just say player baby????
I meant PLAYERS!!!!...yeah baby PLAYERS!!!!
you know....PLURAL baby Yeah!!!

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