Pete Seeger Just Died (breaks my heart~such a great man)


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Sorry to read this, and I know his loss is personal to you, Lucid, so my condolences.


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I saw Pete at MSG somewhere around '65. Funny how such a seemingly mild mannered and soft spoken guy could command the attention of thousands with just his voice and banjo. Not too many can do that.

I'm a great believer in the promulgation of good & bad energy. Pete's positive message will live on through actions by you, me and our children.

RIP Mr Seeger and thanks.


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PS was a huge part of the Clearwater foundation on the Hudson and they have had some pretty fantastic outdoor shows at Croton Point.

One time I was listening to Patti Larkin (talented, not exactly my cuppa) when a stage manager informed Ms. Larkin that the next band was running late and she had to cover.
On mic she bitched him out a little bit and stated she would play for a few more minutes but in no way would play for more than 15.

Well, at the 16th minute Patti huffed off, and in that time they located Mr. Pete Seeger and he ran out and gave a free form sing along exhibition of most excellentness. I didn't even mind how out of tune his banjo was!

RIP Pete.


We all knew this day would arrive soon but I was dreading it still the same.
A giant, giant of a man.

Back when I was a news reporter, I lived about a quarter of a mile away from Seeger’s house. I always wanted to meet and interview him but never got the chance.

First Phil Everly and now Pete. Not a good time.

G Man

This one brought a rare tear to my eyes. One of the truly great humans, and a musician to boot. Can't help but to think of how desperately the world needs more like Pete, now as much as at any time in history.


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When I was in my early teens, Pete Seeger performed at the grammar school I had attended. I "ran sound" for him, which meant setting up two mics for his voice and banjo and turning on the cafeteria's overhead PA system. I sat directly in front of him captivated as he sang his songs and told stories. What a great night!


It is difficult to find people with such integrity. For that alone he could be well remembered, but his musical legacy and his enormous influence will be a part of roots music forever. RIP.


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if you haven't seen the documentary 'The Power of Song' about pete, please take the time to watch it...i can't recommend it enough...SO inspiring...pete was an amazing human being, the kind that only graces this earth once in a great while...

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I just listened to a NPR interview they had with Pete when he was 84...awesome. still playing! RIP.


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94 years and a great life. We all got to go sometime. Celebrate the man and his life and all he did!

My Dad made it to 93. Of course I was sad, he was my Dad. But I still felt to a degree about his passing as I said in my first paragraph. Sad they're gone, joyful that they lived.


Joseph, you are the first person I thought of when I heard the news. Then I thought of what a loss this is. Finally I corrected myself and thought no, what a gift it has been having him on the planet with me.


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Records by Pete and also The Weavers were among the earliest ones I heard as a small child, and I learned all those tunes when I made the big leap from trumpet to guitar. The most captivating sound to me was Pete's 12-string acoustic, and I never reach for one of mine without thinking about him. I agree with the sentiments expressed in this thread, and what a wonderful testament to the sheer power of music to enliven and enlighten the human spirit. They don't have a pedal for that!
Sorry to hear it. A man who genuinely tried to make the world a better place, both through his music and his activism.

When I think of an Individual who stopped Nuclear War, Pete is right there at the very top of the list.

He was disappointed that he'd not put the fires of war out forever, but I've wondered sometimes if we remained as we are today alive on this planet because this man with the big heart kept on trying to make people understand one another just enough not to want to kill those others over there.

This Armageddon Free Life is brought to you by our sponsor of the day, Mr. Pete Seeger. :cry:
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